Adele, 25, Hello

Now, I’m a self-professed Adele fan (hey, better her than Nicki Minaj right?). I’ve loved her ever since she set fire to my rain and made my sky fall. So obviously, the biggest news to rock my world in the last week has been the announcement of her new album 25 and the drop of her new single ‘Hello’. Having watched the video a grand total of 54 times and counting, these are just a few of the thoughts I had while playing this on repeat and lip syncing, pretending I have the voice of an angel.

1. Loving the sepia tone of the opening scene—but does it fade to colour?

2. No, it does not. I thought it would be a Wizard of Oz kind of thing.

3. Is Adele using a clamshell phone? Are those phones having a revival again? (Xavier Dolan, the director of the video, has already explained this.)

Adele, 25, Hello

4. Those are some serious talons she’s sporting—I’m imagining them in a don’t-mess-with-me blood red.

5. Right about 0:46, I thought this would be the perfect setting for a horror movie.

6. The house is so dusty. Why is she not sneezing or crying her eyes out? Does she have superhuman powers or something?

7. Also, I don’t think it’s humanly possible to do so much housework without breaking one of those nails.

8. 1.19: Hello… (is it me you’re looking for?)

9. Very English this whole video. Making tea is her number 1 priority, not checking the house out.


10. This house is more retro museum than house.

11. Who is she talking to? Is the phone line still in order after so many years?

12. I can’t believe how amazing Adele’s hair looks—so much volume!—and it even looks great windswept.


13. Seriously, find me a woodland and a stream, pronto. I want to stand there and feel the colours of the wind.

14. Did she break up with the boyfriend while it was raining, in a carpark?

15. I realise rain plays a big part in all her videos.

16. And it’s quite unnerving that all the scenes with the boyfriend only feature her hands.

17. Again, abandoned phone booth is giving me horror movie vibes.

Adele, 25, Hello

18. 3.53: SO. MUCH. FEELS.

19. I’m thinking Adele’s outfit could be a very good costume idea for Halloween.

20. Mascara game on point, girl. Love how it doesn’t run when she cries.


21. 5.09: More feels then 3.53! Shivering.

Adele, 25, Hello

22. Not many people can make a plaid shirt look good, but Adele nails it.

23. Seeing similarities between the final few scenes and Beyoncé’s ‘Irreplaceable’.

24. And the flip phone makes another appearance. Need to dig out my old flip phone.

25. Let me just watch this video one more time…

Watch the full video here:

By Pakkee