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In light of the detrimental effects the MSG-ridden, processed food we’re eating has on our body, there has been a growing demand for food that is cultivated without those damaging chemicals, and the new spring of eateries has responded in kind, offering healthier alternatives to fast food and calorie-rich meals. Still, the direct food-to-table approach has proven a challenge for a small country like Singapore, which imports all its produce, but we scout out restaurants that work around the problem, making sure the fare that reaches you is organic and healthy.

Chef’s Table at Tanjong Pagar

Chef’s Table sources its food directly from farmers all over the world, ensuring that they have full control over the quality of food that goes on your plate. Founded by Chef Stephan Zoisl, who has worked with five star hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants from Vienna to Portugal, the fine dining restaurant serves up modern European gourmet that is wholesome yet delectable. Shell out a little extra and you get the Nutopia Experience, an astounding 12 course journey that takes you through time and space itself, featuring dishes inspired by Marie Antoinette or originating from the depths of ancient Egypt.

Open Farm Community at Dempsey Hill

OFC prides itself on fresh food and it doesn’t get any fresher than planting your own herbs and veggies in your backyard. These freshly plucked greens go into making dishes like the Rustic Fish Pie with fresh thyme as well as their Local Pumpkin with Minden Road Pesto & Pita Bread. Sprawled over a whopping 35,000 square feet, the restaurant has its own playground, bowling alley and plenty of lush, green open space making it perfect for a picnic or family outing.

Bacchanalia at Boat Quay

Another place that grows its own produce, Bacchanalia gets a lot of its ingredients from its backyard, its organic farm in Cameron Highlands or aquaponic farms in Singapore. The team is equally cosmopolitan, some of them hailing from Australia, Brazil and Peru, their multi-cultural influence reflected in their highly imaginative dishes. Expect to see items like Foie Gras Satay or a vegetarian option, the Mushroom Fantasia on their ever-changing menu.

Butcher’s Club Burger at Clark Quay

We’ll admit, this one isn’t exactly the most salubrious of bites, but given that its Black Angus cattle are reared in organic pastures void of hormones and antibiotics, and that the patties are minced fresh to order, we’d consider this a pretty good option for cheat day. Adding to the allure is the fact that this burger joint is home to one of the best burgers in Hong Kong –the Double Happiness, a two-patty monstrosity topped with cheese and bacon. Like we said, cheat day.

By Tanya Anthony