STACKS by Dawn Ng (Photo: Uniqlo)
STACKS by Dawn Ng. Photo: Courtesy of Uniqlo

In light of Uniqlo’s latest SPRZ NY SUPERGEOMETRIC UT Collection,  the fashion retailer has also gotten two Singaporean artists, Dawn Ng and Lekker, to collaborate with to add a creative twist to the retail space at Orchard Central.

We managed to catch up with Dawn — who’s a graduate from Georgetown University and the UCL Slade School of Fine Art. The local artist with close to a decade’s worth of creative experience, has also had her artwork like The Sleep Series, Hello Sunshine, and most notably WALTER (a giant caricature of a rabbit displayed at often overlooked Singaporean heartlands) to name a few, exhibited internationally in creatively-driven places like New York, France, and Hong Kong.

Currently, the artist is displaying her artistic finesse proudly through her geometry-inspired “STACKS”  installation at the store. Find out more about what the young creative has to share with BAZAAR about her current collaborative “STACKS” exhibition in the interview below.

Dawn Ng (Photo: Uniqlo)
Dawn Ng. Photo: Courtesy of Uniqlo

The STACKS exhibition in Uniqlo came about when… I was approached by Uniqlo, which I have always wanted to work with in some capacity.

I first got my hands in the business of exhibiting art installations… With Paper Planes — a sculptural installation that is composed of hundreds of paper airplanes suspended in an empty warehouse nearly 10 years ago.

Having had collaborated with Hermès and Odette before, I agreed to collaborate with Uniqlo because… These brands may exist on different ends of the spectrum when it comes to product and price point, but they share an unwavering sense of integrity in their vision and sense of creativity.

The installation was inspired by… Lines and colour.

And the song that was on my playlist was… Driving to Hawaii – Summer Salt. Go figure.

With the STACKS exhibition, I hope to arouse… A subtle sense of wonder (for the customers).

The SPRZ NY SUPERGEOMETRIC collection is now available at  Uniqlo, while Dawn Ng’s STACKS installation is exhibiting at Uniqlo Orchard Central until 9th June 2017. All photos are provided by Uniqlo Singapore. 

By Syed Zulfadhli

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