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The most important meal of the day should not be replaced with sweet pastries and a cup of black coffee. Instead, scroll down for some breakfast ideas for an energy-filled meal to get you through the day.

1. Smoothie Bowl: 300 calories

  1. Who said you can’t have dessert for breakfast? A smoothie bowl tastes just as sweet and comforting as a calorie-filled tub of ice cream but with a lot less saturated fat and sugar. Blend up some strawberries, yoghurt, maple syrup and vanilla and voilà you’ve got a luscious bowl of strawberry and cream. Add vibrant coloured toppings from fruits to nuts, the options are endless!

2. Yoghurt parfait: 160 calories

  1. Not only does it look exquisite, each spoonful doesn’t disappoint either. The beauty of a parfait is layering different nutritional ingredients ranging from bananas, oats, yoghurt and honey to create an edible master piece. Packed with protein and energy needed for your day, this power breakfast requires minimal preparation. Perfect for busy bees!

3. Banana pancakes: 150 calories

Leave the flour and sugar out, all you need are 2 ingredients to make delicious pancakes. Get your carbs and protein supplements using just bananas and eggs to make your pancakes. Achieve sweetness from the bananas and fluffy cloud-like texture from the eggs and you have an easy breakfast packed with goodness.

4. Avocado toast: 350 calories

  1. Even though we try our best to stay away from fat, avocado, the fruit we all love, has a surprisingly high fat content. It contains healthy fats that actually help in weight loss and also keeps us energised throughout the day. Spread a little seasoned avocado on toast and maybe add a poached egg for added protein for a savory and delectable breakfast.

5. Overnight oats: 300 calories

  1. The beauty of overnight oats is that it requires absolutely no morning preparation, which is Godsend when you’re half asleep at dawn. If you have never heard of overnight oats, it is an ingenious idea of mixing ingredients from peanut butter to bananas together with rolled oats and adding either milk or water to leave in your fridge overnight. By the next day, the oats would have soaked up all the flavour, leaving you a delightful breakfast.

By Shona Menon

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