iPhone SE

1. Everything can fit in the palm of your hand again.

With its return to the beloved 4-inch screen size, scrolling, swiping right and double tapping has never been easier. (And you can now reach the other side of the screen with just one hand! The hashtag #woesofpeoplewithtinyhands will soon be obsolete, no?)

2. The upgraded camera means selfies look better than before.

The (dare we say) *best* improvement Apple has made with this new handy version is the upgrade to a 12-megapixel iSight camera and TruTone flash—need we remind how amazing this makes selfies look? Not to mention capturing the details on a gorgeous Valentino gown close-up.

iPhone SE

3. New colours + new materials = Never leaving our hands.

Obviously, Apple prides themselves on putting design right up there with the performance of its phones, and the iPhone SE is no exception. With its smooth, satiny finish (bead-blasted aluminium, we hear), matte-chamfered edges and matching stainless steel logo, this is one accessory we’re never going to let go.

4. Videos have never looked better. And taking them has never been easier!

Unless you’re living in 2015, you’ll know the new emphasis of the social media generation is turning towards video (cases in point: Instagram’s video view counts and Facebook’s Live feature) and you’ll be able to take beautifully shot films on the iPhone SE with its new 4K video option, slo-mo and cinematic video stabilisation.

5. It’s every bit as powerful as its predecessors.

The A9 chip gives the iPhone SE all the capabilities of the iPhone 6S, plus added in-built capabilities to make surfing the Web that much faster and smoother. Which means, no more half buffered videos and blank photo boxes on Instagram for us. Yaaasss.

The iPhone SE launches in stores today, and is priced at $658 (16GB) and $828 (64GB).

iPhone SE

By Pakkee