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You know Brooklyn Beckham: The eldest offspring of David and Victoria, Instagram star, model-slash-actor. He’s also a dashing young lad of 16 and it seems that his star is definitely on the rise after stealing hearts of women everywhere after he presented the Glamour Woman of the Year award to his mother just last week. Here are five surprising facts about Brooklyn Beckham that you may not have heard of (besides the very obvious giveaway that he was conceived in the New York borough).

1. He gave up on football early on and it kinda broke his dad’s heart (well, just a little bit)

David Beckham revealed in an interview with ABC News that “[Brooklyn] turned around to me the other day and said, ‘Daddy, I’m not sure I want to play football all the time,'” Beckham said. “It broke my heart a little bit. He said, ‘Every time I step on to the field, I know people are saying, ‘This is David Beckham’s son,’ and if I am not as good as you, then it is not good enough.’”

2. He got his first modelling campaign at the tender age of 15

It was for a Polish label called Reserved’s spring line titled “Volcano Explosion”.

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Photo: Courtesy of Reserved

3. His parents still control his social media channels

“It’s hard because our 16-year-old, Brooklyn, he’s got like four million Instagram followers,” David Beckham told ABC News. “We control everything that he posts, everything that he does, and it’s the same with our other kids.”

Dads not happy about me being cooler than him

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4. He’s getting a lot of attention for working out

No seriously, he posted a photo of himself pumping iron at the gym just three days ago and it’s already chalked up 356.6k likes.

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5. His godfather is the absolutely fabulous Elton John

His mother’s good friend is the “coolest godfather ever” according to the young Beckham.

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Photo: Instagram / @brooklynbeckham

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