6 Delicious Treats To Try This Chinese New Year

We bet you'll definitely want these goodies on your table this festive season

chinese new year treats

Just when you’ve successfully shed the weight you gained over the holidays, another major feasting season comes around: Chinese New Year. But just because you’ve been on a juice cleanse doesn’t mean you have to forgo all the goodies—all you have to do is choose wisely. And by wisely we mean treating yourself to only the finest tarts made with quality ingredients and natural flavours (we all know artificial sugars and heavy seasoning are key reasons why our abs haven’t surfaced); overindulging in yusheng, which is safe to equate to a salad, elevated with slivers of succulent fish, abalone or lobster (just cut down on the sauce); and being very picky at the buffet—select only the best, be dainty with your servings, chew slowly, and you’ll be fully satisfied in no time.

Here are six of our favourites for a hearty (and healthier) reunion dinner with a twist:

1. Nutritious Bird’s Nest and Pear Yu Sheng at Summer Palace, Regent Singapore, A Four Seasons Hotel ($148)

chinese new year treats


2. Fortune Monkey Yu Sheng with abalone, hiramasa, crispy fish skin and crispy white bait at Golden Peony, Conrad Centennial Singapore ($208 for a large sized portion with abalone, lobster and hiramasa)

chinese new year treats


3. Yam and Pumpkin Cake at Xin Cuisine, Holiday Inn Atrium ($48 per box)

chinese new year treats


4. Lucky Orange dessert comprising a whole mandarin orange filled with orange granite and soymilk panna cotta at Empress at the Asian Civilisations Museum ($118 for the dinner set)

chinese new year treats


5. Eternal Bliss Sampling Platter at Crystal Jade ($39.80)

chinese new year treats


6. Poached Seaweed and Abalone Dumpling at Jade, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore ($38 for 8 pieces)

chinese new year treats


By Dana Koh

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