6 Ways To Be Sustainable During Quarantine

Amanda Hearst, founder of Maison de Mode, breaks down sustainability in the stay-at-home age

Amanda Hearst

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Sustainability is not a trend, in very much the same way Earth Day is not a single day of awareness—though side note: April 22 is quickly approaching. Even in these extraordinary times when most people are sheltering in place, there are still ways to keep sustainable practices top of mind. So BAZAAR.com asked Amanda Hearst, founder of eco-conscious fashion and home site Maison de Mode, to share some of her top go-to brands for staying earth-aware. Ahead, her favourite ways, from sleepwear to vegan food delivery, to shop sustainable during this pandemic from the comfort of your own home.

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1. Ethical Kind Sleepwear

Ethical Kind

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Since pajamas and loungewear are what we’re all wearing right now, I’ve been on the hunt for some cool sustainable options. Ethical Kind is one of my recent favorites, because they make sexy pieces that are also 100 percent cruelty-free.

2. Glo Yoga + Meditation App

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We’re always getting into and out of something in life. While focusing all our efforts on reaching a goal is tempting – especially now when we find ourselves with a surplus of hours and nervous energy – it’s important to remember that the ride into and transition out of any peak moment is what makes up the majority of our lives. Our newest series, “The Ins and Outs,” was created as a reminder not to turn your yoga and meditation practice into a to-do list. If we focus only on the moment of full expression in a certain pose two things can happen. In one scenario, we focus for a long time but still can’t do the pose, so we beat ourselves up for it. In another, we CAN do it, but for how long? Nothing lasts forever. True fulfillment comes from staying present through it all. One of the best parts of a hike is the satisfying feeling of the walk back down the mountain. One of the hardest times to be present is during an ending in our lives, right AFTER a peak experience. So many of us relish these highs then totally crash afterward for lack of tools, thinking we’re crazy for feeling down. The Ins and Outs reminds us that yoga is always here to teach us useful life skills. If we can become good at being present with the journey of a yoga pose, we just might become a little better at navigating those moments in our lives when we need support. We invite you to enjoy every artful step as our newest teacher, @gustavoapadron, drops back into and stands up from Urdhva Dhanurasana, known to some as Wheel. Heads up – Gustavo is an advanced practitioner! Make sure Wheel is in your “wheelhouse” before trying the drop-back, or maybe walk down and then back up a wall a few (hundred) times! However far your practice takes you, you’ll still be “doing” the pose. Fall in love with the whole process with Marc Holzman’s Glo flow, Falling In Love With Your Life.

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Working out is a big part of what’s keeping me healthy right now, physically and mentally! And at 4 p.m. every day, I’ve been using this app called Glo. It has tons of yoga, meditation, and Pilates classes that you can filter by intensity and length. Some days, I choose a meditation practice that is five minutes long, and other days, I opt for a tough 45-minute vinyasa class.

3. Tina Frey Designs Textiles

Tina Frey Designs

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I discovered Tina Frey Designs when my sustainable fashion company, Maison de Mode, had a pop-up in San Francisco a few years ago. I fell in love with Tina’s home accessories, because they are all sustainably made with this amazing resin that gives her work an ethereal mood. Literally, every piece glows. Seeing these beautiful pieces around my home really elevates my mood.

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4. Seventh Generation Cleaning Products

My mom introduced me to Seventh Generation, and I definitely think it should be everyone’s go-to company for cleaning the home. All its products are plant-based and sold in recycled packaging. And though you still may not be able to get toilet paper (so weird!), it has a ton of other environmentally friendly products like natural dishwashing detergents and biodegradable trash bags.

5. Eau Club Towels

Eau Club

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Eau Club towels are great, because you can use them for so many things! They can be chic bathroom towels for the home, a throw for when you’re sitting on the couch, or a blanket for post-yoga Savasana. They’ve been a great investment for me, and they are also super sustainable since they are all naturally dyed and made with 100 percent organic linen.

6. Sakara Life Food Delivery

I am not a vegan, but after starting my animal welfare nonprofit, Well Beings, I’ve learned a lot about the health and environmental benefits of eating more plant-based fare. So my husband and I get three meals a week from this vegan food-delivery service, and we are loving it! The food is yummy, and it’s been a fun way to break up our go-to Postmates diet.

This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR US.

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