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There have been some pretty wild things that have happened at Adele’s concerts: that time her partner replaced her confetti with love notes, or when she spotted a couple’s proposal, or that time she brought her beloved dog on stage, just to name a few.

But something unprecedented happened at her concert in Mexico City on Tuesday night: her performance was interrupted by an actual flying bat.

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“There’s a bat! There’s a bat that landed right by your head,” she screamed. “Oh my god. There’s a f*cking bat! ‘Welcome to Mexico.’ It’s true. I’m happy to be here but a f*cking bat? Jesus Christ!”

Apparently, though, it’s not her first bat battle.

“Anyway, like I said. One time a bat got into my house. It was very scary,” she said. “I was on my own. It very, very, scary. I had to deal with it. I had to put all the lights off and put a torch right by a window. It’s a long story, I’ll tell you another time.”

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US