Audrey Hepburn

Lamch & Co. dresses up our iPhones again (sorry, Android users) with the Pop Culture world of Pets Rock®. For those unfamiliar, Pets Rock® is an award winning brand based in London that plays on pets and the ever intriguing celebrity culture—think your favourite singer transformed into a furry friend. With characters ranging from Michael Jackson to Lady GaGa, you’ll be left barking mad at how dressed up your phone will get.

Karl Lagerfeld
Lady Gaga
Queen Elizabeth
Michael Jackson

Pets Rock® features iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases in 6 collectable characters which will be retailing at ante at Tangs@Tangs Plaza Level 3, EpiCentre, EpiLife, inhabit, Re-style@Isetan Scotts Level 2 at $39 each.