Affordable Art Fair 2019
Photo: Affordable Art Fair

Back in its tenth consecutive year, the Affordable Art Fair has returned to Singapore and continues to make waves as a premier global showcase for contemporary art.

Held over this weekend at the F1 Pit Building, the fair will be exhibiting a grand total of 83 local and international galleries this year, continuing its mission of giving a platform to artists in the industry and making their artworks accessible to all. With paintings, sculpture, print and photography deriving from different parts of the world, the Affordable Art Fair has also managed to make over S$43.6 million worth of sales since its inception in Singapore.

As the Affordable Art Fair turns ten, we thought what better way to sum up our experience than to share the highlights we know you’re bound to love. Ahead, are 10 activities you can do at your visit to the fair.

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MOJOKO at the Affordable Art Fair 2019
Photo: Affordable Art Fair

1. Explore silkscreen printmaking processes

A treat for this year’s Affordable Art Fair, Singapore-based artist MOJOKO will be working on a collaborative project throughout the fair titled the MOJOKO Silkscreen Mashup.

MOJOKO can be found at Level 3, Room E, Creative Hub.

2. Analyse your relationships through interactive art

Artist duo, Alex Nichols and Mushi Wooseong James (better known as ALEXANDMUSHI) have come together with installation art piece the ‘Portable Studio‘. In attempts to understand what connects us as individuals instead of what divides us, ALEXANDMUSHI engages passers-by to create art; recording their silent communication through object-play and mannerisms.

ALEXANDMUSHI represented by Siger Gallery can be found at Level 3, Room E, Creative Hub.

3. Have a peek at Affordable Art Fair’s hand-selected artists at the #SPOTLIGHT Showcase

Opening its doors to 30% more galleries taking part at the fair for the first time, the team at the Affordable Art Fair has curated a special #Spotlight Showcase featuring a lineup of 17 new artists participating at the fair. Expect different artworks in various mediums and styles from countries like India, Thailand and Australia to name a few.

The #SPOTLIGHT Showcase can be found at Level 3, Room E, Creative Hub.

4. Enjoy Woo Chang Hoon’s Performance Art

Merging painting with the real world and the hidden micro-spiritual energy under multi-dimensionalism, watch Woo Chang Hoon transform a canvas into an artwork in real-time and learn more about his techniques during his sharing session.

Woo Chang Hoon represented by SHENNS softart can be found at Level 3, Room C, Booth 3C-10.

5. Arty-licious Evening

For one night only, The Affordable Art Fair organises the Arty-licious Evening which supports the Singapore Cancer Society. Tonight from 6pm-9pm, the fair will showcase special one-night-only performances throughout the fair to celebrate all the different forms of art.

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6. Support the artworks done by the Visual Arts Development Association, Singapore

In partnership with the Affordable Art Fair, not-for-profits arts organisation Visual Arts Development Association (VADA) will be showcasing the homegrown talent of eight artists through their exhibition, ‘UNTAPPED’.

The UNTAPPED exhibition by the Visual Arts Development Association (VADA) can be found at Level 3, Room C, Entrance/Exit.


Photo: Affordable Art Fair

7. Give Cassette Tapes A New Life

Local art-collective Rehyphen® initially begun as an up-cycling initiative, where they’ve helped to repurpose old, discarded cassette and videotapes. Join them as they teach visitors to create their own cassette/videotape masterpieces.

Rehyphen® can be found at Level 3, Room E, Creative Hub.

Workshop times: Saturday 23 November, 4 pm & Sunday 24 November, 3 pm 

8. Young Talent Programme 2019 Tours

The Affordable Art Fair proudly presents the Young Talent Programme 2019 in association with ION Art. Recognising the talents of artists under 35 based in Southeast Asia, the judging panel handpicks a select number of artists to be showcased at the Affordable Art Fair. The panel, alongside a public vote, will determine the top three artists who will then have a solo exhibition at the ION Art gallery during August and September next year.

A tour will be conducted by the seven finalists who will share everything about their art from techniques used to their conceptualisation.

The Young Talent Programme 2019 exhibit can be found at Young Talent Programme Stand, Level 2, Room A, Entrance / Exit.

Tour times: Friday 22 November, 6:30 pm & Saturday 23 November, 7:30 pm


9. Have a bite at the Gastropark

Affordable Art Fair
Photo: Affordable Art Fair

Feeling peckish? You can satisfy your appetite at the Gastropark, which features tasty dishes from F&B partners Sarnies Café, Ruinart Champagne Bar and Peroni Bar.

Gastropark can be found at Level 3, Room E, Creative Hub.


Affordable Art Fair
Photo: Affordable Art Fair

10. Purchase an artwork to cherish forever

With more than 600 artists’ works to choose from, we believe that there will be an artwork that will catch your eye. There’s no better way to end your day at the Affordable Art Fair with a masterpiece that you’ll love for a lifetime.

For more information head over to Affordable Art Fair’s website.

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