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It’s the holidays and you’re hosting family and friends for dinner. You:

1) Are hunched over the kitchen stove, sweat trickling down your perfectly contoured and highlighted face, then you realise: “I forgot the mustard.”

2) Are already bracing yourself and your super fresh chrome manicure for all the washing up you’ll need to do once everyone heads home.

3) Can’t stand the thought of 2016’s party anthems soundtracking your dinner party, even if it is a year-end hoe-down

4) Are deciding between offering your couch as a crash pad or letting your drunk AF guests find their way home (and possibly get lost or charged for DUI)

5) Fear what the plus-ones of your single-and-ready-to-jingle friends will get up to in your beautifully-appointed abode

Whether you nodded your head at one or all of these scenarios, this is the list of Apps you need to download now to solve (or prevent) all your party hostess problems. Happy 2017!

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Even on NYE, there are Shopper bees, Driver bees and Coordinator bees buzzing swift and sharp to get you all the last minute groceries you need in 60-minutes — just make sure you order by 8pm to make their last delivery slot of 9pm-10pm. (P.S. They also offer Laundry services!)

Download here


Whether you have 100 dishes to wash or an entire house to clean up after what seemed like a mini rave at home, all it takes is three easy steps to book an insured and reliable cleaner online from $20 per hour.

Book here


This App turns your old or unused iOS devices into home security systems — all you need to do is pair it with your iPhone and voila, you have an instant DIY surveillance cam that shows you what’s happening in real time. You can even set it to motion sensor mode to save battery, and get notifications when an intruder is detected.

Download here

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This App packs 30 million songs; 24/7 worldwide radio stations; and curated playlists (or make your own party-perfect one), all easily accessed in your iPhone’s Music app.

Download here


Not doubting your skills in the kitchen, but just in case something burns or doesn’t taste like it’s supposed to, keep this food delivery app on hand for ready-to-eat dishes that arrive at your door as fast, and as effortlessly, as requesting a ride.

Download here


Google’s new app will not save you from the embarrassment of your family (and friends!) looking through old photographs, but what it can do is turn your prints into high-quality digital images by simply using your phone’s camera. Just follow the easy step-by-step capture flow and let the app bust glare, optimise exposure, correct perspective on any angle/shape irregularities, and save to your phone in seconds.

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For nights of imbibing, arm yourself with this app that has four useful features: Stop Drunk Dialing, which hides select phone contacts for up to 12 hours so you don’t drunk call them at 3am and regret it the morning after; Find My Drunk, that helps you connect and track friends via GPS so you never lose them; Breadcrumbs, which shows you exactly where you were and wandered off to last night; and Find a Safe Ride Home, to quickly find a reliable ride home or to your friends’ locations.

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By Dana Koh