artemis interiors
Photo: Courtesy of Artemis Grill

Overlooking the Marina Bay skyline, Artemis Grill offers a stylish blend of Mediterranean tastes made with ethically sourced ingredients. Putting the “Art” in Artemis Grill, the presentation of the food and elegant interiors is the cherry that tops an excellently executed menu.

“The Artemis Grill menu maps the journey from farm to fork with the very best of Mediterranean produce. All of this on a rooftop overlooking the Marina Bay Sands skyline. It’s never been done before,” says Red Door Group General Manager, Craig Hemmings.

We sampled some of the dishes, and we have to say that the food not only looks and tastes good but it also leaves you feeling good, nourished, and healthy. These were our favourites:

Gambero Rosso

gamero rosso
Photo: Courtesy of Artemis Grill

These flash-blanched prawns, topped with coriander, harissa, and tomato water, are the perfect start to any meal. The freshness of the prawns combined with the zesty tomato awakens your taste buds for the rest of the meal.

Alaskan King Crab Salad

alaskan crab
Photo: Courtesy of Artemis Grill

In Artemis Grill’s signature appetiser, avocadoes, grilled pimento peppers, and tomato petals come together with fresh Alaskan king crab that’s so fresh it melts in your mouth.

Beetroot Tortellini

beetroot tortellini
Photo: Courtesy of Artemis Grill

Stuffed with feta and ricotta, the beetroot tortellini is served with a carrot purée, asparagus, and broccolini. The saltiness of the cheese meets the sweetness of the purée, infused with apple and cinnamon, for a dish that tastes just as exciting as it looks.

Spicy Iberico Pork Presa

Iberico post
Photo: Courtesy of Artemis Grill

Another signature dish, the Iberico presa is a rare Spanish shoulder cut of pork served with Sicilian tomatoes, green peppers, and a spicy dry rub. One of our favourites from the menu, this dish transports you straight to the colourful and vibrant terrains of Spain.

Chocolate Trio

chocolate trio
Photo: Courtesy of Artemis Grill

This three-part desert is made up of a Valhrona chocolate tart, a scoop of mocha ice cream, and a passion fruit chocolate cake. No amount of chocolate is too much chocolate, and this dessert stands as testament to that fact.

By Tanvi Rajvanshi