Asia’s Next Top Model Episode 4 Recap: Shut Up And Drive

This week’s episode of Asia’s Next Top Model was jam-packed with drama! It started off on a melodramatic note, with Jessica sobbing through the first 15 minutes of the show because she was incredibly homesick and felt misunderstood by the other girls in the model house—most of whom had enough of her incessant whining about missing her family. The only fellow contestant to offer some comfort was Sang In. A calming hug, and a phone call with her family later, Jessica appeared relieved and happy again. We feel you, Jess, but you need to toughen up a little!

Cindy Mail came in shortly after with the word “Zen” within the message, suggesting that the girls were going to find inner peace in the upcoming challenge. Indeed, the girls were swept away to the sunny island of Sentosa, but peaceful, it was not. With no beach loungers or tropical cocktails in sight, the girls were faced with a session of yoga—core-punishing paddle-board yoga. It’s safe to say that the girls were balancing for dear life. Call us sadistic, but it was hilarious watching them fall off the board one by one. The last one standing (or balancing) was Angie, who was just as surprised as we were when she learned that she had won the challenge—girl packs a solid core in that petite physique!

The Subaru Challenge came in the next segment, and boy, did it leave us at the edge of our seats. Executive Director of Tan Chong International, Glenn Tan, delightfully introduced the challenge to the girls, but he threw us off our seats… and that’s all we are saying for now.

Anyway, each girl looked every bit like a top model in her jewel-toned gown—despite having an automobile speeding up in her direction and swerving just inches away from her, over and over again. This went on till the photographer got the best shot. We would have just died from fear itself, leave alone remember to strike a pose. But the girls did an amazing job. Well, there were a few glitches… Jessica got some disapproving head shakes from veteran fashion/creative director, Daniel Boey, who directed the entire shoot. We know you’re having a tough time emotionally, Jess. We are hoping you will be able to pull yourself together, soon.

Best moment(s): When the girls were attempting yoga on the paddleboards. It was pretty entertaining watching the girls trembling and trying to maintain their balance. (Of course, we had a ring-side seat on dry land.)

Worst moment: When Glenn Tan blew up at Sang In in full force at the judging panel. He highlighted the fact that he caught her rolling her eyes during the challenge introduction and that her attitude clearly didn’t sit well with him. Totally unexpected. Stunned—but remorseful—by the confrontation, the tearful girl apologised; she was almost down on her knees. It was a good lesson to all. After all, attitude does matter.

Challenge winner this week: Tawan from Thailand served it up real good—all that leg and the fabric flow made her look so fiercely fluid. Added bonus? She was also granted immunity from elimination for next week’s episode… We are not saying more (be sure to catch that!). She was also selected to be Subaru’s Brand Ambassador.

Who got kicked off: This episode saw a double elimination: Gwen got booted off first and Alaiza was next, in a surprise twist. We say “surprise” because it was Aldilla who received the lowest score by the panel. The tearful ending saw Cindy questioning Alaiza’s dedication to the competition, to which she replied that she wanted to go home. Hope she made the right decision for herself and we wish her the best of luck.

By Syed Zulfadhli

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