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What we’re listening to this week: Taylor Swift’s Midnights

It’s safe to say everyone was holding their breath when Taylor Swift dropped her tenth studio album Midnights just a couple of days ago, and after a whole weekend of listening to “Anti-Hero” on repeat, we here at BAZAAR feel as though the drop was definitely worth the wait. In addition to blessing us with additional tracks just a few hours after the album’s release, Spotify announced on their socials Friday afternoon that Swift had broken the record for most-streamed album in a single day. Not too shabby.

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It’s no surprise then that the top ten tracks on Singapore’s Spotify Top 50 right now are all from, you guessed it, Midnights. While we’re still working on picking our favorite tracks (how is one to choose?!), we’ve narrowed down the must-listen songs for you below.

Best song to chill out to on a Monday night: “Lavender Haze”
It’s clear from the very first notes on Midnights’ opening track that Swift is set on striking a different tone with this latest release. Co-written by friend and actress Zoë Kravitz, “Lavender Haze” is all about having no thoughts, just good vibes. “Meet me at midnight,” Swift croons before launching into lyrics about melancholia and staring up at the ceiling. Between hazy falsetto vocals and clear R&B influences, “Lavender Haze” wouldn’t sound out of place on an indie album – a big step up for the artist who once sang “find your peace of mind with some indie record that’s much cooler than mine.”


Team All Too Well bringing the emotional pain to the VMAs… ????

♬ Pink Venom – BLACKPINK

Best song to blast in the car with your friends: “Bejeweled”
What more is there to say about this track other than the fact that it’s an absolute banger? With a pulsing beat which builds to a soaring chorus and lyrics that are meant to be shouted at a stadium concert, the track might bring fond memories of Swift’s show-stopping look at the MTV VMAs earlier this year: a silver Oscar de la Renta minidress that will go down in Swiftie history as one of her best red carpet looks ever. And yes, the lyrics prove to be true – when Swift walks in the room, she can still make the whole place shimmer.

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Best song contender for instant classic: “Anti-Hero”
Swift seemed to know exactly what she was doing when she dropped the music video for “Anti-Hero,” a clear choice for Midnights’ lead single. Filled with cheeky easter eggs sure to please her many fans, the song and video allude to Swift’s insecurities and anxieties, many of which we can all find relatable. And yet those anxieties – and Swift’s openness to writing and singing about them – are exactly what we love about the artist, why we find her so endearing, and why we’ll never stop singing her songs at karaoke.

What we’re reading this week: The Rise of K-Style by Fiona Bae

If you’re looking to feel inspired, look no further than Make Break Remix: The Rise of K-Style, a collection of photography and interviews documenting modern Korean culture and its steady rise to global domination. Featuring industry leaders from the worlds of fashion, music and everywhere in between, the book highlights the various subcultures which often get overlooked in the conversation surrounding mainstream K-pop, K-dramas and Korean culture. Some highlights include hip-hop insights from BLACKPINK producer Danny Chung, tips from the founder of the viral 1MILLION Dance Studio Lia Kim, and artistic pointers from the streetwear designers behind the brand IISE, Kevin and Terrence Kim. Offering a behind-the-scenes look at their creative philosophies and ethos, the book is sure to inspire young creatives who want to stay in the know – and shape their own identities along the way.

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What we’re buying this week: Telfar’s shopping bags

It’s no secret that Telfar bags are everywhere right now, and we’ve bought into the hype, too. Sturdy, simple and fashionable all the same, we’ve found that the medium-sized shopping bag is a great tote to bring back into the office. They’re big enough to carry most small laptops – and come in just about every color of the rainbow. And according to a report by WWD just last week, luxury reseller Rebag says Telfar’s bags have exceeded even legacy brands like Hermès in their resale market value, meaning you’ll definitely get your money’s worth in the long run if you choose to swap for something new.