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You know her by name if not by fame: Meet Jamie Chua, socialite, entrepreneur and fashion maven. With over 433k followers on Instagram, the bona fide social media sensation is famous for her OTT style, enviably flawless complexion and, of course, her jaw-dropping collection of Birkins and Kellys. So what better subject to kick start our new column? BAZAAR Social Qs is an irreverent collection of Proustian questions for the social media age, as well as shopping, fashion and beauty, and everything in between. Read on to find out Jamie’s current lust list, her pre-bedtime rituals and the secret of her amazing photos.

First app you check when you wake up: Instagram, of course!

Style icons/inspirations: Audrey Hepburn, Chiara Ferragni.

Go-to look for a night out: Understated elegance.

Preferred footwear: Sneakers and ankle boots.

Beauty secrets: Luminous1 by Jamie Chua Skincare, PHS Hairscience hair care products, Tom Ford makeup.

Best recent discovery: La Source DPL face laser.

Style pet peeve: Fuss and discomfort.

Last purchase you made: Gucci stilettos.

Lusting after right now: Dior boots.

What’s always in your bag? Mini iPhone light attachment — lighting is the key to a good Instagram photo, after all.

Something you would never wear: My personal motto when it comes to fashion is, never say never!

Most prized possession(s) in your closet: A vintage Gianni Versace runway Elizabethan jacket.

Last movie you saw? The Great Wall.

How do you unplug? I do a Luminous1 collagen or whitening mask to relax.

Best selfie trick: Mini light (remember what I said about lighting being key!).

Favourite filter: Gingham.

Favourite editing apps: Lightroom and Photoshop Fix.

Favourite accounts to follow on Instagram: @chiaraferragni, @fashionairy, @hudabeauty

Last thing you do before you go to bed? Play Plants Vs Zombies

Greatest accomplishment: Being a mother to two beautiful grown-ups!

By Pakkee

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