Photo: Instagram (@jeraldsaw)
Photo: Instagram (@jeraldsaw)

What is travelling if breathtaking shots of scenic landscapes are not captured? Trust budding photographer, Jerald Saw, to do exactly that.

More than just slapping on filters, careful editing and a well-composed Instagram feed, Saw has a knack for immortalizing stunning images of his adventures overseas and igniting a sense of wanderlust even in the most jaded of people. 6, 640 Instagram followers and counting, we believe this young photographer will be clinching good deals with big names in the photography scene in time to come.

1) What got you into photography?

I started out photography when I was deeply in love with landscapes, especially sunsets and sunrises. I didn’t want to just watch it go away, instead I wanted to capture it and make that moment last forever.

2) Who inspires your photography?

My inspiration changes as I grow as a photographer. If I were to name 3 of my current inspirations, they would be Jack Morris (@doyoutravel), Rob Strok (@robstrok) and Jarrad Seng (@jarradseng). I would love to name a few more but I think that’s enough haha!

3) Share with us some spots you go to snap great shots.

To be honest, most of my photos on my account are shot overseas. Growing up in an urban jungle, I’m naturally drawn to the forests, mountains and seas. Bali is one of my go-to locations as there’s just so much nature to be explored on that island.

However, if I were to talk about local spots, I’d go with Botanical Gardens and Coney Island.

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4) Having been on countless travels, are there any destinations you’d like to conquer?

On top of the list right now would be Iceland, it’s been a place I’ve been dying to go since I got into traveling. Right behind Iceland would be the Pacific Northwest, I’d love to spend a year there if I had the opportunity.

5) What can we find in your camera roll?

My camera roll would be filled with photos from everyday events to food, selfies and travel snaps. And of course lots of photos of my girlfriend Becca, that I wouldn’t lie. I’m someone who loves documenting moments and with the convenience of a camera phone, it’s not a surprise that my phone storage space runs out every now and then.

6) Share with us your wardrobe must-haves.

Black jeans, plain tees (lots of them), oversized denim jacket, leather belt, chelsea boots, black fedora and a set of formal clothes.

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7) What are 5 things we can always find in your bag?

My watch, leather belt, comb, hairspray and wet tissues (Does that count?)

8) What are your top editing apps you can’t live without?

Desktop apps: Adobe Bridge + Adobe Camera Raw

Mobile apps: Snapseed, VSCO, RNI Films

9) Do you have any favourite filters?

My favorite filter on mobile apps would be HB2 from VSCO and Afgacolor 40’s from RNI.

10) Share with us some tips on how to nail the perfect shot.

Make sure you know what you want to achieve before shooting. Snap a few test shots for exposure and composition and then start working on nailing the shot you have in mind. If you’re taking a portrait, make sure the model is the main focus and the face is well exposed, apart from nailing the composition.

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