It’s a great day when new photos of Brad Pitt decide to bless the Internet.

A few days ago, the Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood star and Oscar winner was photographed volunteering in South Central Los Angeles, helping distribute free boxes of groceries around the neighborhood. Why? Because he is Brad Pitt, and he is simply a philanthropic angel.

While taking a quick break from carrying loads of fresh produce, including hefty watermelons, and driving the delivery truck himself, the actor was photographed smoking a cigarette, drinking a beverage, and having a seemingly cheerful conversation with a fellow volunteer.

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Credit: Coleman-Rayner

For the outing, which was surely a physically taxing day, an easygoing Pitt still managed to dress remarkably stylish. With his hair tossed effortlessly to one side, its blond hue possibly highlighted by the sun’s own rays, the actor sported a pair of perfectly baggy, distressed denim jeans; a white crew-neck T-shirt; a rugged, unbuttoned flannel shirt; and casual white canvas sneakers. Let’s just say: This is the outfit I’m immediately snagging for my boyfriend, so he can cosplay Pitt this weekend.

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In other photos, which can be seen here, Pitt flaunted his strength while carrying and transporting box after box to the delivery truck to be eventually donated to families in need. According to Entertainment Tonight, Pitt worked for hours and chatted with fellow volunteers throughout the day, but he remained cautious of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and wore gloves and a mask, and held to social distancing guidelines, for the duration of his time helping out.

This article originally appeared in Harper’s BAZAAR US.

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