Cover of Brand Guide: Singapore Edition
Cover of Brand Guide: Singapore Edition

Be it coffee, cafés or cultural chic sartorial collections, no matter your interest—or latest acquisition—there is a Singaporean brand solution for it. Released by Foreign Policy Design Group, a local design think-tank studio by Yah-Leng Yu and Arthur Chin, Brand Guide: Singapore Edition is a publication that goes in-depth into the makings of trendsetting concepts and firms with interviews, anecdotes, rules of business and success stories of 17 innovators.

These include awarded cultural chic fashion label Ong Shunmugam; Loh Lik Peng’s dynamic, unconventional boutique hotels and restaurants group, Unlisted Collections:; and Goodstuph, a social influence marketing studio that boasts diverse clients like Nike, Ben & Jerry’s, Singtel and Bobbi Brown.

Created by designers for the discerning aesthete, the compilation is as much a substantial read as it is a visual anthology of personality portraits and concept shots, deftly laid out to look almost like a sketch book.
The book is full of words of wisdom and interviews where successful entrepreneurs talk at lengths about their passions, beginnings, struggles and road to the top.

Papa Palheta’s Leon Foo captured at work.
From fashion and food to multi-concept community workspace, The Working Capitol, the book also serves as a guide to urban nomads in search of quality, design and innovation in Singapore.
There’s even a fold-out guide to other Singapore brands that have put the nation on the map—it’ll even tell you where to get a kaya toast fix (hint: C.M.C Confectionery).

Brand Guide: Singapore Edition is currently available for pre-order at SGD50 at, and ships locally as well as internationally.