Celebrate Easter At Home With These Chef-Approved Recipes

The head chefs of Summerlong and Fat Prince fill us in on the dishes they'll be creating this Easter

Summerlong, Fat Prince

Photos: Courtesy of Summerlong and Fat Prince

With the recent circuit-breaker in place this week, this means that a lot of us will be spending Easter in our homes. Instead of ordering a food delivery or serving up your usual dish, why not get inventive with an interesting recipe?

Below, we share two beloved Easter recipes created by head chefs Fotis Kokoshi (Summerlong) and Paul Lim (Fat Prince) that you can now try out at home.

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Roasted Leg Of Lamb by Head Chef Fotis Kokoshi, Summerlong

Roasted Leg of Lamb

Photo: Courtesy of Summerlong

“This dish reminds me of when I was back in Greece. We used to have a traditional wood oven at home where we would cook big feasts for the family on special occasions, and all the ingredients were from our backyard. I wanted to bring across this memory through this recipe, so those who are enjoying this dish at home can have a sense of what it’s like to celebrate Easter the way Greeks do.”

Ingredients: 1.5 kg Lamb Leg, 1 kg Potatoes, 200ml Water

Marinade: 2 tablespoons of Mustard, Zest of 2 Lemons, Juice of 2 Lemons, 3-4 sprigs of Rosemary or Thyme, 2 tablespoons of Oregano, 5 cloves of Garlic, 100ml of Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper

  • Method:
  • 1. Preheat oven to 170°C (340°F) set to fan.
  • 2. Cut the potatoes into large chunks and add them into a baking pan. Place the lamb on top of potatoes.
  • 3. In a blender, add mustard, garlic, olive oil, oregano, salt and pepper. Pulse well until the ingredients are well combined. 
  • 4. Spread the marinade over the lamb and potatoes.
  • 5. Add water and rosemary into the baking pan and cover with parchment paper and aluminum foil.
  • 6. Roast for 3 hours.
  • 7. After 3 hours, uncover the lamb and add lemon zest and juice.
  • 8. Roast again for 30-45 minutes until golden, and then serve!
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  • The Menemen by Head Chef Paul Lim, Fat Prince

  • The Menemen

    Photo: Courtesy of Fat Prince

“From experience and what I’ve observed between many others and myself, we tend to gravitate towards dishes that bring about nostalgia from our childhood, especially so in celebratory times like Easter Day. The Menemen evokes a sense of nostalgia as it reminds me of one of my favourite dishes as a child, a meatball spaghetti in tomato sauce. I created this dish as the rustic tomato flavours bring me pleasure whenever I get to enjoy it.”

Ingredients: 2kg Canned Tomatoes, 100g Peeled Garlic, 100g Peeled Shallots, 400g Pepper Paste, White Wine Vinegar, 70g Sugar, Spice Mix, Raw Eggs, 500g Haloumi Cheese portioned into wedges, 100g Cherry Tomatoes Cut into Half, 100g Whipped Yoghurt, Italian Parsley for Garnish

Spice Mix: 5g Coriander Powder, 5g Cumin Powder, 5g Black Pepper Powder, 5g Chilli Flakes, 25g Salt

Menemen Sauce
1. Put garlic and shallots through a food processor and blend till fine.
2. Sauté garlic and shallots till translucent.
3. Add red pepper paste and roast for 1 minute.
4. Add Spice Mix and roast for another 2-3 minutes while constantly stirring for the maximization of flavour.
5. Add canned tomatoes after, leaving it to simmer for 20-30 minutes until the ragout has cooked down 6. and reduce by about 1/3.
7. Finish with Sugar and extra salt if needed.

1. Put 200g of Menemen sauce into a casserole.
2. Crack 2 Raw Eggs inside the ragout.
3. Bake at 220 Degrees Celsius for 7-9 minutes depending on how runny you want your eggs.
4. Garnish the casserole with a few spoons of whipped yoghurt, 2-3 wedges of grilled halloumi, halved cherry tomatoes and a few leaves of Italian parsley.

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