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Despite having access to more makeup than a Sephora stockroom and a glam squad at their disposal, celebrities are sometimes still inclined to reach for the Photoshop to give themselves a little boost, it seems. As these Instagram photos show, though, it doesn’t always go to plan.

1.  Kylie and Khloe’s unusual faces

Fans accused Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian of Photoshopping their promo shots for the Kylie Cosmetics x Koko Collection, after Instagram users pointed out how unusual their faces looked. “The Photoshop is too much”, one person wrote, while another added, “What happened to your faces? Y’all have truly disappeared…so sad!” Uh oh.

2. Khloe Kardashian’s hundreds of fingers

Fans called whoever photoshopped Khloé’s picture out for not paying attention, after they noticed a suspicious number of fingers on her left hand. The white thumb nail blending into the background isn’t helping things, but WHAT is going on?

3. Khloe Kardashian’s double thumb

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You are so much more powerful than you know! Keep going💋

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Er, what is going on with Khloé’s left hand? Some fans noticed that something kinda weird is going on with her thumb, and it looks suspiciously like a Photoshop fail.

4. Kendall Jenner’s wonky door frame

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After Seventeen pointed out that Kendall Jenner’s door frame looks suspiciously curvy near her stomach, fans began to question whether the photo had been Photoshopped.

5. Kim Kardashian’s bent door frame

Fans called out Kim Kardashian for potentially Photoshopping her #MyCalvins Instagram shoot, after they noticed the door frame curve into her right thigh.

6. Kylie Jenner’s missing leg

Photo: Willy Vanderperre

People called out Calvin Klein’s Our Family campaign with the Kardashians for Photoshopping Kylie Jenner, after they noticed she seemed to only have one leg. If the other leg was folded under her body, surely you’d be able to see her foot underneath her thigh? If it was stretched out behind Khloe and Kim, you’d be able to see it through the gap between them. Hmmm.

7. Kendall Jenner’s bent walls

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Amongst all the 💦 and 🍑 emojis in the comments, some Instagram users were quick to accuse Kendall Jenner of Photoshopping her swimsuit photo, due to the particularly curvy wall/stair/skirting board combo going on in the top right hand corner.What do you think?

8. Kim’s car background

Kim was so criticized for this picture, which features the barely-there remnants of a photoshopped car in the background, that she disabled comments and wrote an Instagram stories post explaining the “fail”—which turned out to be a crop of a mirrored image.

9. Khloe Kardashian’s legs 

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❤️ My Love ❤️

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Fans said that if look closely at Khloe and Tristan Thompson’s hands, they look a bit blurry – which has led to speculation about whether the Kardashian has edited her stomach the photo due to pregnancy rumours. One Instagram user commented, “This photoshop is horrible look at his hand and the bottom of her pant leg”, while another added, “[Her arms are Photoshopped and] so are her legs and if you look closely at her stomach that looks photoshopped too 💁🏼 I don’t get it.”

10. Mariah Carey’s waist 

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Mariah Carey had users questioning whether she’d photoshopped her waist to make it look slimmer. One commented, “Photoshop to the max” while another added, “Hellooooooo PHOTO SHOP”.

11. Rihanna’s thumb

Fans were quick to notice something strange about the thumb nail on Rihanna’s right hand, questioning whether it had split or if she had suffered an editing faux pas. Turns out, it’s actually just a string from her hand decoration that’s exactly the same color as her nail polish. Ahhhh, we understand now.

12. Khloe Kardashian’s hip

Some Instagram users accused Khloe of editing her torso where the leggings meet her tummy, with one person writing: “obvious photoshop on your left side lmao”, and anotheradding: “The only thing i see is the weirdness happening at her waist.. Wouldve been a good picture if she didn’t try to photoshop it [sic]”.

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13. Kris Jenner’s arm

There’s no denying Kris Jenner looks awesome aged 61, but some fans have questioned whether she’s edited her arm in this photo after noticing a suspicious curve in the wooden panelling below her upper arm. Hmm.

14. Ariana Grande’s massive hand

I’m not entirely sure what went wrong here, but Ariana Grande’s hands do not usually look like that. And fans were quick to notice.

15. Lindsay Lohan’s DIY disaster

Photo: Instagram

Someone should call an architect, because walls aren’t meant to do that.

16. Beyoncé’s wonky wine glass

Photo: Instagram

Instagram users were quick to point out the asymmetrical wine glass and super-bent iPhone in front of Beyoncé’s thighs. Maybe it’s a new trend? Hmm.

17. Gordon Ramsay’s smooth AF skin

Hey, Kris Jenner, FaceTune called and they want some of their tools back. These two look great anyway, so WHYYYY?

18. Beyoncé’s uneven staircase

Photo: Instagram

Fans accused Bey of Photoshopping her thigh gap when they noticed the sixth step from the bottom of the staircase was wonky and uneven between her legs. Maybe it was the motion from the waves?

19. Khloé Kardashian’s door frame saga

Photo: Instagram

Khloé managed to bend a door frame and bulk up her thigh in one swoop — but later deleted the Photoshopped version in favor of the unedited pic. So, of course eagle-eyed followers noticed the swap.

20. Selena Gomez’s dented doorframe

Photo: Instagram

Behind Selena Gomez’s left shoulder, you can see the door frame looks like it’s taken a battering — probably in favor of volumized hair. WhichTBF does look on fleek.

21. Kylie Jenner’s peach

While you all know the Kardashian-Jenners are renowned for their bottoms, Kylie was accused of a Photoshop fail after fans pointed out how stretched the pockets and belt loops of her jeans look.

22. Mariah Carey’s cabinet conundrum

Photo: Instagram

Instagram users were quick to notice the cabinet door’s unnatural bend beneath Mariah’s thigh, and the strange angle between her neck and left shoulder.

23. Elsa Hock’s elbow


Wait, what?

24. Amanda Holden’s unhappy horizon

Photo: Instagram

It’s almost like she wasn’t even attempting to make it look real?

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25. Kim Kardashian’s disappearing arm
Photo: Instagram

Hey Kim, where’s your forearm gone?

26. Lindsay Lohan’s strange stairs


Photo: Instagram

Yeah, probably not the easiest steps to get up, TBH.

27. Beyoncé’s bottom

Photo: Instagram

Fans reckon Beyoncé Photoshopped this picture of herself due to the curtain pleats behind her warping in different directions.

28. Kim Kardashian’s flyaways
Photo: Instagram

She was caught out when someone uploaded the top picture of her and Kanye West at Kendall’s 20th birthday party — only for Kim to later upload the same pic, sans chin shadow and flyaways.

29. Kim Kardashian’s warped wardrobe (part 1)

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Is that another one of those curvy door frames we spy to the left of Kim’s breasts? Must be IKEA’s best seller.

30. Kim Kardashian’s warped wardrobe (part 2)

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Getting right for the new year

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So trendy, she Photoshopped it twice.

31. Miranda Kerr’s bizarre bookcase

Photo: Instagram

Just behind her bum, Miranda Kerr’s bookcase and patio doors appear to have gone a little wonky. Oops.

32. Miranda Kerr’s curvy carpet

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On my way to @michaelkors #ELLEJapan event in Tokyo 💋

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QUIZ: Is it an optical illusion or a heavily edited carpet?

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33. Beyoncé’s thigh gap

Photo: Instagram

Fans speculated about whether Beyoncé has Photoshopped or edited her thigh gap, namely because they think her left leg looks a little unusual.

34. John Mayer’s FaceTune overload

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35. Lady Gaga’s bendy mirror

Photo: Instagram

Maybe the mirror beneath her arms meant to look like that. Maybe.

36. Britney Spears’s disappearing back

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Just chilling ☀️

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Fans accused Britney of making the arch of her back higher and her waist slimmer — and then forgetting to edit the pool tiles back in.

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