Our Favourite Celebrities Born In The Year Of The Rat And Their Fortunes

Mirror mirror on the wall, what does 2020 have in store?

New beginnings, new opportunities and challenges await everyone in 2020. So, what does that mean for those born in the Year of the Rat? Well, according to Dato Joey Yap, wealth will come their way (if they put in the effort) and career advancements might also be in the works with support from colleagues. Unfortunately, love may not be in the air—but there’s hope yet. Dato Joey Yap recommends keeping an opening mind, and focusing on expanding one’s social circle instead. Besides, with the right group of friends, life’s always better. He also suggests keeping a close eye on health issues. That means it’s time to put aside the ratatouille (pun intended), and opt for healthier and more nutritious food alternatives. Green juice, anyone?

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