15 Modern Monarchs You Need To Have On Your Radar

All hail the new breed of blue bloods to obsess over

Shakespeare once wrote, “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.” In today’s age of modernity and constitutional monarchy, the idea of sovereign responsibilities has taken on a very different incarnation. Whereas past kings and queens ruled with iron fists from high atop their ivory towers, this young group of monarchs-in-waiting, royal progenies and aristocrats have captured the attention of the public well beyond their borders through an intriguing mix of style, presence and savviness.

From taking part in conversations surrounding the empowerment of women, to highlighting the importance of protecting the environment, and with ties that run deep within the realms of pop culture and fashion, the members of this new generation of royalty also manage the feat of looking good while championing causes that matter to them. The digital revolution has only added to their mystique and allure. When it comes to the royals of today, every incident, event or appearance is shared across every corner of the globe in a matter of seconds, then carefully studied and analysed by the citizens of the world with equals parts fervour and devotion.

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