Need a little boost and hoorah for International Women’s Day? Moxie on Netflix is a definite must-watch. We spoke with Moxie‘s Director (and cast), Amy Poehler, and main cast members, Lauren Tsai and Hadley Robinson on their experiences.

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Amy, you play a character who has had a rebellious, protesting past as a teen. Do you see a lot of yourself in the her?

Amy Poehler (AP): You know, I think I was a lot like Vivian (played by Hadley Robinson). I presented [myself] as a pretty extroverted kid, but was actually quite introverted and really trying to figure out where I fit in. I was a good student and tried hard at school when maybe I should have had a little bit more fun.

So, no. I didn’t have that incredible rebellious moment. I waited until my 30s and then I really let it rip!

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Credit: Netflix

Lauren, as an Asian-American, what do you think is the best way to empower young women to stand up for themselves?

Lauren Tsai (LT): To be wholly yourself and know that nothing about that is wrong is such an empowering thing for me, at least. I think growing up, especially with representation in the media, I never really saw someone who looked like me on screen as a lead, or of someone in power of influence and change—I think that really affects the way people see themselves in real life. I think that I, as someone in the media, want to make the promise to anyone who’s watching me or following me that I will always be myself—and that’s one of the scariest things to do. All these assumptions that others have of us, they don’t mean anything. We have to tell the world who we are. We say that in our words and in our work, and people will listen.

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Credit: Netflix

Hadley and Lauren, which aspects of Vivian and Claudia’s friendship did you relate to the most?

LT: Hadley and I are actually quite introverted people ourselves, kind of like our characters. Their friendship is very much like the younger version of what ours is like now because we love to just hang out and talk about books, poetry and things we like to do. I love it when you have a little world like that with someone, and that’s what Hadley and I have too.

Hadley Robinson (HR): I feel like the stuff that Lauren and I do, Vivian and Claudia would’ve done as well. Things like making stuff and watching K-drama. Our characters have the same quirky taste as us, for sure.

Credit: Netflix

What do you hope the audiences’ takeaway from Moxie will be?

HR: There’s so much for everyone, and something for everyone! I hope it inspires and encourages people to really ask themselves what they care about, no matter what your age is. I ask myself: How do I take action, how do I find my own voice? There are a lot of great messages but also just a really fun movie, and I hope people walk away with just a smile.

LT: I hope people have a lot of fun watching Moxie and get excited for life again, because I know that the past year we’ve been so distant from one another. Hopefully, by watching the movie, where people are coming together, celebrating one another and going through struggles together, I hope people get excited about the community again.

AP: Well, Hadley and Lauren said it best! I hope people feel connected; I hope they’re moved and entertained. It’s been a lonely year so I hope they feel a little less lonely.