BAZAAR Spotlight: Meet The K-Drama Cutie Pie, Park Bo Young

BAZAAR is moving the spotlight from the music industry to the movie screen. We can’t get enough of her irresistible feminine charm and incredible acting skills. Dubbed as the Nation’s “Little Sister”, avid fans of Korean dramas will probably be familiar with the ever so adorable, Park Bo-young. This 27-year-old actress is a veteran in the Korean entertainment industry, starring in over 9 TV drama series and 13 movies to date. She had a meteoric rise to fame and international recognition when she starred opposite Cha Tae-hyun in the highest grossing Korean film of 2008, “Scandal Makers” (a critically acclaimed comedy which, by the way, is a complete must-watch). Over the course of her acting career, Bo-young has moved from strength to strength, winning 27 awards and acting accolades. She is certainly a force to be reckoned with, despite her petite exterior. We also love her girl-next-door style that is so perfect for her image.

Here are 5 things you need to know about this bubbly actress who will 100% melt your hearts;

1. Bo-young doesn’t do social media

[Fact] Park Bo Young does not have and own any social media. She only uses V Live official account to communicate with her fans. . -Interview in 18 April,2017- In terms of why she still doesn’t do social media, the actress said, “My fans are always upset because I don’t do projects frequently and because I don’t use social media. So, lately, I’ve been using V Live to interact with my fans. Since V Live is a broadcast, I’m able to think about what I want to say and always try to think about what I should and shouldn’t say on a broadcast.” . She continued, “I’m not as careful as I look, which is why I choose not to do social media. It’s really because I don’t trust myself. I’m also very easily influenced by my feelings and will impulsively act on my emotions, which is another reason why I don’t do social media. Instead, I write in a journal everyday. There are many benefits to writing in a journal. At first, I started writing in a journal to help me prepare for interviews but now I write in it so I don’t forget any precious memorieLi . -FYI- “V Live” is an app that lets you watch the personal broadcasting videos of celebs on your phone. You can follow your favorite celebs, watch their videos, and use comments and ‘hearts’ to share your thoughts and feelings with others. The application was developed: to fill in the gap international fans of K-pop were missing. Unlike the NAVER app, there are no blocks on region access, which is a definite plus. The app’s main functions are in English, but is also used by those in Korea. Stars are aware they have international fans, so this is the perfect way to interact with them. . The live videos obviously will not be subbed at the time of occurrence because they are most likely unscripted. But, a day after,The app will update the English subtitle on the video. . If you want to message Park Bo Young,you can click "Fan" tab to send your thoughts and love for her". Don't forget to follow her. The link of her app on my bio.

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Shock! Horror! A public figure that stays away from social media like the plague. It’s almost unheard-of in this day and age. But it’s true! Bo-young doesn’t own a single social media handle, be it Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. At least none that is made public. The reason for this is that Bo-young claims that she has a low self-esteem, similar to her character in the drama “Strong Woman Do Bong-soon”. On top of that, she simply doesn’t trust herself with the following that she has, afraid that she would disappoint her fans.

“I’m not as careful as I look, which is why I choose not to do social media. It’s really because I don’t trust myself. I’m also very easily influenced by my feelings and will impulsively act on my emotions, which is another reason why I don’t do social media.”

I’m sure we all can sympathize and it’s truly a breath of fresh air from overexposed celebrities.

2. “Oh My Ghost” is Bo-young’s first TV drama in 7 years.

oh my ghost

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Which is pretty shocking in the Korean Entertainment industry. Drama series tend to boost popularity and is often a major source of income for actors as they are paid per episode. However, Bo-young is more of a Silver Screen Queen, appearing in several hit movies and a regular red carpet attendee at film festivals such as the Blue Dragon Film festival. “Oh My Ghost”, a TV series that you can catch on Netflix, was Bo-young’s television comeback after years of movie making. Not only was the series a success, it won her (another) Best Actress Award.

3. “Oh My Ghost” was also when Bo-young had her first onscreen kiss.

oh my ghost

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Speaking of “Oh My Ghost”, this might hard to believe but after a decade of acting on the big screen, she has never once had an onscreen kiss scene… until this series. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that her co-star was the dashing Jo Jung-suk. He admitted that he felt some pressure after finding out that this was Bo-young’s first kiss scene ever but the kiss turned out perfect thanks to their sparkling chemistry.

4. Bo-young doesn’t just act, she also sings.

Not only is Bo-young a gifted actress, she is also musically talented. She can play the piano, guitar and is a singer to boot. This is the perfect example of what locals call ‘Spoil Market’! What can she not do? She has featured on some tracks in the OSTs of her dramas and movies. You can listen to her sweet voice for yourself in the music video above.

5. Bo-young’s style is the epitome of girl-next-door.

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Being a petite girl (she is 158cm in height), Bo-young tends to wear a lot of short dresses to lengthen the appearance of her legs. The dresses she picks are ultra feminine in both the silhouette and material. Her favourite is the classic fit and flare dress, particularly if it has lace accents to add a extra touch of girliness. Bo-young is also almost always in heels to help elevate her height. She opts for nude heels most of the time. Again, to lengthen her legs and cheat the eyes. Her style is perfect for any girly-girl out there and is so wearable for both casual and formal situations.


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Makeup-wise, Bo-young is pretty minimal. She goes for an innocent and sweet look of just a flush of pink blush on the cheeks and stained lips, in that classic Korean gradient lip effect. You will rarely see Bo-young sporting a dark look so, the simpler the better. Of course, skin prep is a must! She keeps her “Nation’s Litle Sister” title, even at the age of 27 because of her eternally youthful and fresh appearance. It’s all about that ‘aegyo’ life!

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