BAZAAR Spotlight: Meet Suzy, A Triple Threat With An Angelic Face

She is a singer, K-pop idol, actress and model. Today BAZAAR is talking about the jack of all trades, Bae Su-Ji, shining a light on her incredible success and sophisticated style. Better known as Suzy to the rest of the world, she is one quarter of the popular Korean girl band called “Miss A” that debuted back in 2010. After the band’s success, Suzy went on to pursue her own solo singing career on top of acting and modeling, building quite a name for herself at the tender age of 22. Now, with a following of 6.2 million on Instagram alone (@skuukzky), she is a force to be reckoned with, gaining more and more international recognition every day.

From her Miss A days till now, here are 5 things you need to know about this baby-faced beauty:

1. Suzy is the first female Korean celebrity to be a triple award winner.

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Besides the legendary K-pop superstar, Rain, no one else has clinched awards from all categories in the industry. Winning her first award as part of the girl group Miss A, Suzy later won a Best New Actress film award for her role in the movie “Architecture 101” and then a K-drama award for her role as Ko Hye-Mi in the Korean drama, “Dream High”. No other Korean celebrity has won so many awards in almost every category possible. Truly a lady of many talents!

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2. She started modeling since she was an adolescent.


It’s no wonder that Suzy is such a pro in front of the camera. She had an early start to her modeling career from as young as 15. Like most ulzzangs (Korean lingo for good-looking internet celebrities, famous for their faces), their massive internet popularity results in many online shopping modelling gigs. Blog shops are huge in South Korea and Suzy was booking gigs since she was a teen, exposing herself to Korean fashion trends. Her soft facial features, rosy cheeks and round eyes was and still is the envy of many Korean ladies. Fast forward to 2017 and Suzy is one of the most booked models in Korea, raking in an estimated US$20 million from just CF campaigns (Commercial Films) alone. You go, Girl!

3. Suzy is currently dating hallyu mega star, Lee Min Ho.


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Though they are keeping it on the down-low, Suzy and “Boys Over Flowers” star, Lee Min Ho were forced to go public on their relationship status after the paparazzi photographed the couple going on secret dates in London. This huge revelation sent shock waves in the South Korea and the world as both stars have legions of fans (particularly Lee Min Ho). But that was in 2015 and the couple is still going strong. With Suzy mentioning in a candid interview that she loves going on double dates with fellow superstar couple, Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin. Looks like Lee Min Ho is the only one who gets to call Suzy “Bae”!

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4. Suzy is a huge fan of slow songs and ballads.

Even though she is K-pop idol, known for her sexy dance moves and catchy songs, Suzy is actually a bigger fan of slow songs and romantic ballads. Hence, she has taken every opportunity to take part in the soundtracks of dramas that she starred in. For instance, in the popular K-drama “Uncontrollably Fond” where she starred opposite Kim Woo Bin, Suzy sang the song “Ring My Bell”. It is an incredibly sweet and innocent love song, that certainly matched her personality and angelic voice. The music video gave us so many feels!

5. Suzy’s outfits are the epitome of the “Korean” style.

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Perhaps it is due to her early days of being a blogshop model, but Suzy’s off-duty style is quintessentially Korean. A tasteful mix of casual and formal, it’s all about effortless sophistication and ultra feminine silhouettes. She is often seen in dresses and skirts that are of conservative length and lots of lace, prints and pleats. Suzy also frequently sports sweaters and turtlenecks with a pair of skinny jeans and heels. Her summer wardrobe is all about off-shoulder tops and sundresses. The key to achieving Suzy’s style is to not show too much skin and to dress elegantly. Choose neutral coloured outfits and add pops of colour using accessories. Also, stock up on some turtleneck sweaters!

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Her signature makeup look is also, the very definition of every Korean beauty trend. Think straight brows, Popsicle stained gradient lips and barely-there makeup on the eyes, save for a little eyeshadow smudged into the lash line. When she does opt for a more glam look, Suzy plays up her lips. Her favourite shades being a juicy strawberry red and a bright cool-toned fuschia, providing that perfect pop of colour.

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By Hanan Haddad

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