BAZAAR Spotlight: Meet The Sexiest Soloist In K-Pop Today, Hyolyn

Get to know Korea's Beyonce

Known for being multi-talented, K-pop superstar Hyolyn (@xhyolynx) is not just a jack of all trades, she is a master of them all. Not only can she belt out notes effortlessly, she can also dance, act and have an amazing body to boot. So much so that she has been dubbed Korea’s Beyoncé on more than one occasion. She has recently dropped her latest single ‘See Sea’, which is the ultimate Summer tune to play and has us craving for a beach vacation everytime we hear it. You can listen to the catchy tune right here (be warned, it’ll be stuck in your head for hours):

If you need something to get you off your butt and head straight to the gym, this music video is the one. Perfect body aside, Hyolyn is so much more!

We’ve round up 5 things you need to you know about this K-pop veteran turned soloist:

1. Hyolyn was one quarter of popular K-pop group, SISTAR


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Hyolyn’s big break came when she became the main singer and leader of a 4-member k-pop group, SISTAR. The group first debut in 2010 with their hit song “Push Push”. The group immediately gained popularity thanks to the catchy tune and for the fact that every member is tall, stunning and have legs for days. As a group, SISTAR stood out as they were known to be a more sexy girl group with rather provocative dance moves and stage costumes. Two studio albums and a couple of solo/duo activities later, SISTAR disbanded in 2017 as Hyolyn decided to leave Starship Entertainment in pursuit of her solo career.

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2. She started her very own production company called Brid3.

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Upon her leaving Starship Entertainment, Hyolyn didn’t just embark on a successful solo career, she also founded her very own production company, ‘Brid3’ (pronounced as “Bridge). The reason behind this bold move is so that she can create various music without any restrictions and rules. She is currently the CEO and the only artist under the entertainment agency. However, she is working with videographers, choreographers and producers as well as collaborating with brands and artists. All this, under her own rules.

3. She was dubbed as South Korea’s Beyoncé.

To say Hyolyn is an all-rounder is an understatement. She made it clear, even in her early debut days that she is a perfectionist. Hyolyn delivers the full package – powerful vocals, catchy melodies and impressive choreography with back-up dancers. Every. Single. Time. She showed her dedication as she participated in Korean Music Variety Shows such as ‘I Am A Singer’ and ‘Immortal Songs 2’. Her popularity grew when the audience recognised both her talent and dedication, dubbing her Korea’s Beyoncé (which might be the highest honour to be bestowed upon anyone).

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4. There is a reason for Hyolyn’s tattoo.

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Most female k-pop artists don’t have such large, prominent tattoos on their body due to the conservative nature of Korean pop culture. While some might have a few smaller ones scattered on their body, Hyolyn has a rather large one on her abdomen that she has no qualms displaying. It’s a celtic looking cross with some script underneath it. The cross not only represents her faith, but it also represents Hyolyn taking her insecurity and making it something she is proud of. The tattoo was done to cover up a large scar from when she had surgery as a child. She was born with congenital biliary atresia which generally shows in newborns. Hyolyn has always had a complex about the scar on her belly so she decided to cover it up with a tattoo and turn it into something that vibes with her style. No matter what the taboos are in the K-pop entertainment industry. Queen!

5. Hyolyn’s style is the epitome of athleisure chic.


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It doesn’t need to be said, but we’ll still say it, Hyolyn has a physique that girls dream of having. Tall, with legs that go on forever and a body that is clearly fit and strong. It makes sense that Hyolyn’s off duty style consists of sportswear that she integrates into her daily life. She rocks the “from the gym to the streets” look and we are living for it! While she used to wear Nike before, now Hyolyn favours Adidas, Calvin Klein and Balenciaga. Hyolyn is always in shorts (if we had those legs, we would be too) paired with a crop top or an oversized sweater for a breezy, yet sexy look. She also loves accessorizing with caps and has a penchant for Balenciaga’s pieces. Basically, the Queen of all Instagram Baddies. All hail!

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