BAZAAR Spotlight: Meet Rola, The Ultimate Instagram Baddie From Japan

We give all the deets on this Japanese TV personality turned style star

Where It Girls are concerned, everyone knows that Rola has “It”. Just like Akimoto Kozue and other fashion influencers in Japan, Rola’s affinity and eye for fashion is the benchmark for every single Instagram Baddie out there. Boasting 4.6 million followers on her Instagram handle (@rolaofficial) and counting, Rola is not someone you should take lightly. She goes beyond her Insta-famous status and has dabbled in almost every form of media, from print to screen. Most notably, she is a fashionphile, taking the front row seat in most fashion shows and is officially part of the Gucci Crew. She is also the face of Puma Japan. Naturally, Rola has also graced several magazine covers, starting out with Japanese favourites such as Vivi and then moving on to NYLON.

From her quintessentially badass street style to the up and downs in her career, we break down everything you need to know about this Japanese style star:

1. Rola has a unique and exotic ethnicity.

I'm grateful to be a part of Japanese culture☺️????✨#kimono

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Just like us, you probably can’t quite put your finger on Rola’s exact ethnicity. She is undeniably exotic looking and the reason for that is her unique mix heritage. Rola is of Bengali, Japanese and Russian decent. Her father is from Bangladesh while her mother is Japanese mix Russian heritage. She was born in Tokyo but lived in Bangladesh until she was 9 years old, before moving to Japan. After her parents’ divorce, she was raised by her stepmother, who is Chinese. Hence, Rola has always embraced her multi-cultural background and considers her upbringing an advantage in the age of diversity.

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2. She is a multi-faceted talent

Though many know Rola as an Instagram style star and part of the uber cool Gucci crew, she actually has an impressive resume. In Japan, she is a familiar face on Japanese television. She was a regular on several Japanese variety programmes and she has also hosted some of them. She is known for her kawaii and bubbly personality, which is a fresh juxtaposition against her brooding “badass” image online. Needless to say, as a fashion It Girl, Rola has appeared on most of Japan’s cool fashion related TV shows such as Tokyo Girls Collection, Shibuya Girls Collection, and Girls Award. She has also written her own self-titled fashion book, “The Rola!!”

3. Rola has had a controversy-filled life.

Controversy comes with the title of being an It Girl and Rola is no stranger to being on the news. While she smiled and worked the camera with her charming cuteness and killer looks, her management agency, Libera Production, was involved in some shady business. From blackmail to financial fraud, Libera Production’s illegal dealings came to light when Rola questioned where all her earnings have gone, including money she has raised for charity. When she found out what they have been doing, Rola threatened to quit, however, she signed a “slave-like” 10-year contract with the company. They have even threatened to publish unsavoury images and information on her. It was also rumoured that Libera Productions, like a number of large talent agencies in Japan, have connections with the yakuza. However this isn’t Rola’s first time on the tabloids as her father was also arrested on charges of swindling some years ago. Meanwhile, the battle with her agency is still ongoing and we hope that this tough cookie will emerge on top.

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4. Rola has made her acting debut in Hollywood.


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Her first Hollywood role is in the epic action horror movie Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, released in 2016. She played the character called ‘Cobalt’, a survivor who joins the assault on the Umbrella corporation. A huge feat for this TV personality as she managed to break the international barrier and be casted for a big-budget Hollywood film. Not many Japanese actors were able to do so. Not to mention, Rola’s rugged and tough character in the film was a direct contrast to her usual kawaii and girly personality. Many applauded her for her transformation and saw her in a different light. Way to go , Rola! Proving that style stars aren’t just one dimensional, brand-obsessed individuals, but are career-driven in their own way.

5. Rola’s style is the bonafide Instagram baddie look.

Bob Marley is on the back of my jacket?

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Outfit of the day♻️

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Rola is not afraid to mix and match high end brands with high street fashion brands. To her, it’s all about expressing herself and having fun with the look she has put together. Hence you may see her sporting a Gucci top with bottoms by Vetements, but accessorising with H&M boots and a hat from Stüssy. She goes for edgy brands like Off-White and Thrasher and styles them with more classic pieces from Stella McCartney and Bulgari. Thigh-high boots are a must-have in Rola’s wardrobe as well as oversized jackets to casually drape over the shoulder for the ultimate Instagram baddie pose. Fishnet stockings are also her go-tos to spice up a boring outfit and make it more edgy.

One night trip to New York????

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Her signature beauty look is all about uber highlighted, glowing skin paired with a sharp and precise winged-liner. Nothing too over the top, but still edgy and cool. Her skin is never overly contoured and she rarely does false lashes. However, her highlight is always poppin’! Perfect for flash photography to give her skin a dewy look. Her winged eyeliner is also a must! Sometimes she pairs them with bold lips, usually red, for special occasions. But on a day to day basis, Rola rocks a glowy complexion with a wing liner so sharp, she can cut a hater in half. Yaaaaass! ?

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