Beyoncé is living it up in the last few days of her 30s.

The “Deja Vu” singer shared a series of photos on Instagram late last night, highlighting the outfit she wore to the 40/40 Club’s 18th anniversary event last night. In the pics, Bey wears a black safety pin minidress and hot pink square-toed platform heels by Versace, and a matching hot pink jacket. She accessorised the look with a hot pink drawstring bag and emerald jewellery, including rings, hoop earrings, and layered necklaces with emerald pendants.

The superstar accentuated the outfit’s Barbie vibes by wearing her hair in loose curls with a high half ponytail and sporting a cat-eye hidden behind black sunglasses. She also sipped on a bejewelled reusable tumbler, a la J.Lo, in one pic.

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Ahead of her 40th birthday next week, Beyoncé reflects on the lessons she learned during each decade of her life in her Harper’s Bazaar September cover story. The “Crazy in Love” singer shares that she was a shy child in her early years, and that her quiet early years affected her later career.

“The first decade of my life was dedicated to dreaming. Because I was an introvert, I didn’t speak very much as a child. I spent a lot of time in my head building my imagination. I am now grateful for those shy years of silence. Being shy taught me empathy and gave me the ability to connect and relate to people. I’m no longer shy, but I’m not sure I would dream as big as I dream today if it were not for those awkward years in my head.”

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This article first appeared in Harper’s BAZAAR US