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Beyoncé‘s epic, history making, Coachella 2018 set featured so many surprises, such as a Destiny’s Child reunion, and a Solange dance battle. But it also included a major wardrobe malfunction during one of Beyoncé’s intensive dance routines.

The Daily Mail pointed out that during the Destiny’s Child reunion medley, Beyoncé struggled to hold her top up. Performing the dance routine, the singer appeared to be holding on to the strap of her top, and constantly checking that a wardrobe malfunction hadn’t taken place.

But it was during her dance sequence with sister Solange that Beyoncé started to have a wardrobe malfunction with the top of her bodysuit. And as she attempted to hold her top up, and check that a nip slip hadn’t occurred, her boots fell down:

Photo: Youtube Coachella

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And Twitter, of course, noticed:

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But the singer handled the mishap with the grace and precision you’d expect, and even a slight wardrobe malfunction couldn’t hinder Beyoncé’s epic set.

The singer even thanked the music festival for booking her to perform and making history in the process, saying, “Thank you for allowing me to be the first black woman to headline Coachella.”

She also brought out husband Jay Z to the stage, to perform their duet, “Deja Vu.” It was the perfect precursor to their On the Run II tour which takes place this summer. And after Beyoncé’s headline set at Coachella, fans will definitely be ready to see the singer on tour again. For now, we can all relive the best moments over and over again, like this one:

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This article originally appeared Harper’s BAZAAR US.