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The whole of the K-pop world is in shock at the news that had spread like wildfire. Kim Jonghyun, a member of popular K-pop boyband, SHINee has reportedly passed away today at the tender age of 27, at the height of his career. SM Entertainment has released a statement confirming this but has yet to comment on anything else.

Jonghyun was found alone and unconscious in an office apartment in Cheongdam earlier today. It was reported that he has committed suicide via carbon monoxide poisoning. Jonghyun was found near a frying pan of lit coal briquettes that emitted large amounts of carbon monoxide into the room. He was immediately rushed to the hospital when he was found but to no avail. The police has ruled it as a suicide for now as Jonghyun had sent his sister a suicide letter before reportedly proceeding to take his life. In the text, he allegedly wrote, “It’s been really hard up until now. Send me off please. Tell me I did (lived) well. This is my last greeting.”

It would seem that Jonghyun’s last Instagram post may have been a cry for help. He posted a screenshot of lyrics to the song “Beside You” by the Korean group, Dear Cloud.

The lyrics translated to the following:

I had a thought while curling up 
in a dark room alone
When you might regret 
letting go of everyone. 
Have the sighs and the restless wounds stopped by now.

I pray only that you aren’t hurting.
I hope only that you will be happy.

Please don’t try to be alone in the darkness.
Don’t torture yourself
Don’t torture you.

Underneath, Jonghyun captioned, “I pray that you aren’t hurting”. Currently, that post is garnering a lot of traction as fans have been posting messages in response to the news of his death. Many see this last post as a suicide letter to his fans.

The news has rocked family, friends and fans to the core, as the investigation continues and more developments are revealed. No one knew of Jonghyun’s struggle and the other members of SHINee has yet to make a statement.

We will keep this page updated on any new findings released by Seoul police, but as of now, we give our condolences to his family, SHINee group mates and everyone affected by this tragic death.

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