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Model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne has just added “writer” to her ever-growing resume as she promotes her first-ever novel, Mirror, Mirror. While this book marks a new leaf for the 25-year-old’s career, the story is actually inspired by her past. Delevingne cites “being a teenager” as “the inspiration” for this teen-centric, coming-of-age novel.

“There’s just a turbulent mayhem of hormones and feelings. You feel so much at that point,” she explained on the British talkshow This Morning. “I felt like it was my duty, especially now for teenagers who grow up with so much pressure and social media, so much issues with identity, sexuality, and family stuff, there’s just so much.”

Delevingne has been open about her own experiences of dealing with pressures as an adolescent. She revealed two years ago that she was diagnosed with depression at the age of 15 and penned a powerful essay last year about her struggle with self-acceptance as a model.

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“I didn’t know how to communicate my emotions. I was so ashamed of the way I felt,” she continued. “I had depression and I had moments where I didn’t want to carry on living. And then the guilt of feeling that way and not being able to tell anyone because I shouldn’t feel that way and I shouldn’t feel bad. It was that kind of blame and guilt.”

Delevingne notes that she’s in a better place today (“I’m not in hell now,” she said) and wants to show teens that it’s possible to achieve the same. With over 40 million Instagram followers—and now a novel that’s on-track to become a best-seller—she has the perfect platform to relay that message.

“If you do love yourself and learn not to just give in to what other people think and just follow your dreams, you can achieve anything,” she said. “And that’s what I want to be for teenagers, not necessarily a ‘role model,’ but someone who has gone through it and has come out the other side.”

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Cara Delevingne
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Mirror, Mirror even includes an empowering dedication by Delevingne: “[To] anyone who feels lost, I hope this book inspires you to follow your dreams. Never give up hope. Anything is possible.”

Watch Delevingne’s full interview below. Mirror, Mirror goes on sale tomorrow, October 10.

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