Chester Bennington
Photo: Getty

This morning, the world woke up to the horrible news that Linkin Park’s frontman and singer, Chester Bennington is no longer with us. The news sent shock waves in not just the music industry but the world as not only was Chester only 41 years old, but he allegedly committed suicide. The whole thing seemed to come out of left field with even close friend and fellow Linkin Park founder, Mike Shinoda tweeting this:

Social media was then flooded with #ripchesterbennington and playlists of Linkin Park’s most iconic songs were going around. Grammy award-winning Chester Bennington was known for his signature vocals and piercing screams, and has released 7 albums with Linkin Park. The band was set to tour after their recent album release ‘One More Light’ that went to number 1 on the Billboard charts in May 2017. They were famous for mixing hip hop sounds with rock and created the anthems of our turbulent years of youth. Chester was said to be deeply shaken by the death of his close friend Chris Cornell, who ended his life in the same manner two months ago. There are rumours that it was not a coincidence that Chester took his life on 20th July, which is Chris Cornell’s birthday.

Just like us, celebrities were equally shocked by this news and took to Twitter and other social media platforms to join in the heartfelt condolences that are pouring in from all over.

Rihanna took her tribute to Instagram, saying that Chester was a “vocal beast” and “the most impressive talent” she has seen live. Her fans felt the same way.

Pink was deeply affected and relayed heartfelt words about the dangers of depression and urged people to “Hold on one second longer. Tomorrow might be the best day of your life.”

May Chester rest in peace. While his music lives on, we truly hope that he has finally found peace and somewhere he belongs.