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When it comes to fragrance, singer-songwriter Dua Lipa knows what she likes. “I normally only ever use one perfume for both day- and nighttime,” Lipa, who has served as YSL Beauty’s Libre collection ambassador for the last few years, says. “And with the new Libre Le Parfum, I now better understand the moods of fragrance and the benefit of having an essential to match a moment.”

Lipa is talking about the latest Libre Le Parfum, a more intensive fragrance that combines notes like lavender, orange blossom, and saffron accord. It’s available in four size options, starting at $30, and is a slightly spicier take in both mood and note from its predecessors.

“This version really focuses on femininity,” master perfumer and Libre developer Anne Flipo tells “We wanted something powerful, but even more sensual, and features our signature ginger-and-saffron duo, which was developed exclusively for Libre Le Parfum to make it very sexy and carnal.” Libre’s saffron note in particular is intended as an olfactive tribute to Guerlain’s beloved Fleur de Feu fragrance, which was often praised by Mr. Saint Laurent himself.

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The full range of YSL Beauty’s Libre fragrances, including Libre Le Parfum, Libre Eau de Parfum Intense, Libre Eau de Parfum, and Libre Eau de Toilette.
The full range of YSL Beauty’s Libre fragrances, including Libre Le Parfum, Libre Eau de Parfum Intense, Libre Eau de Parfum, and Libre Eau de Toilette. (Photo: YSL Beauty)

Here, sits down with Lipa ahead of YSL Beauty’s Libre Le Parfum launch party in Paris to learn more about some of her favorite and most nostalgic scents, what true freedom means, and a few of the people who inspire her most to be unapologetically herself.

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What does the word libre mean, to you?

Well libre, of course, means “freedom,” and I think freedom—now more than ever—is something that we really need. Especially as women, to be able to speak up; I think having a choice is freedom. And for me, it’s important to use my platform to amplify voices in whatever way I can, so we can all have a place in society. Just as we feel we’re moving forward, we’re also taking a lot of steps back, and that’s a scary thing.

Do you typically prefer woody, floral, or earthy scents?

I actually prefer a mixture of fragrances as long as they’re fresh sort of scents—nothing that’s too sweet. But I think I’m definitely more into a woody, floral balance—somewhere in there is me.

How many spritzes of perfume do you typically use on any given day?

Oooh, interesting question! I think I do maybe, like, two spritzes, and maybe a third on the wrist.

Are you a fan of the spray-and-walk-through application method?

I don’t do the spray-and-walk-through, but sometimes I’ll take some perfume from my wrist and put a little on the tip of my nose, so I can smell it wherever I go.

That’s such a great tip! I’ll have to give it a try the next time I wear perfume.

It’s a random one, but I think my mom used to do that, which is where I picked it up.

Speaking of personal scent, who would you say is the best-smelling person you know?

My mom, she always smells good, always, always. And I think her scent has, like, made me always want to have, like, a nice-smelling perfume, or be recognized for my unique scent.

What does she usually smell like?

I actually don’t know the name of the perfume that she uses, but it’s very comforting. She hasn’t changed it since I was a child, so it’s also very nostalgic—when I smell it, I’m always like, “Oh, my God, my mom.”

Is there a particular scent that reminds you of your hometown of London?

There’s this smell in the summer when it rains on hot concrete—it’s such a weird, warm smell—and that immediately reminds me of London, so that’s what home smells like.

Who inspires you to be your freest, most authentic self?

I think both my parents do. They just allow me to be me, and that’s always been really cool.

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This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR US.