Rose Blackpink

Photo: Kim Heejune

A: Age
What is the age you’ve always dreamed of being at? 

Funnily enough, I am right at the age that I’ve always dreamed of being at—25.

I’ve loved music since I was little, and when I started playing the piano, learning the guitar, and singing songs, my dad told me that I should get an audition. I asked him if I do audition, will I ever get a chance? His reply to me was: “If you have this mentality, you might live to regret that you haven’t done what you‘ve always wanted to do when you turn 25.” 

I guess that’s why the image of a grown-up that I pictured from my teenage years was something around 25 years old. 

Rose Blackpink
Photo: Kim Heejune

B: Bag 
What is the bag you carry most often and what are the essentials in it?

I carry this little Saint Laurent bag all the time. Or I’ll put this little bag inside a bigger one. It’s a bag, but I use it as a pouch from time to time [giggle]. What’s inside are lip products, makeup, wallet, lip balm, allergy care, eye drops.    

Rose Blackpink
Photo: Kim Heejune

C: Comfort 
The moment you feel most comfortable

I definitely feel most comfortable when I am with my [Blackpink] members; even more so these days. We really feel like a family as time goes by.

D: Dinner 
Who would you like to have dinner with? 

This is quite a tough one but I’d have to say Michael Jackson [laugh]. He must have had been a really nice person. Many people have unanimously said that they got even more fond of him after meeting him. I wonder If I would have done the same. 

E: Emoji 
The emojis you use and like the most

The red heart, and the ‘Huh? What is this?’ face emoji. Especially the face emoji because it looks embarrassed, somewhat pitiful and sad, but also confused [giggle]. 

Rose Blackpink
Photo: Kim Heejune

F: Film 
A film that you like? 

Recently I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. People around me kept telling me to watch it, but I didn’t listen to them. I finally did when I was bored, and it was so amazing that I watched it three or four more times. Every time I saw it, the movie felt new and I liked different parts of it. 

G: Goosebumps 
Something that makes you shiver because you like it so much 

I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have a chance to stand in front of the fans these days, but I think that is the most thrilling moment for me—meeting fans on stage. 

Most memorable birthday?

I lived in New Zealand and went to Australia when I was eight. Before I left, I heard that mangoes are extremely delicious and cheap in Australia—people would buy them in boxes. So I went to Australia imagining it as a ‘land of mangoes’. On my first birthday there, my mum bought me a mango-covered cake, and that was so amazing. It was a cake covered with expensive mangoes and I couldn’t even see the cream on it. I still remember that moment fondly. What a cake! [giggle]

Rose Blackpink
Photo: Kim Heejune

I: Icon
What does iconic mean to ROSÉ? 

Wouldn’t it be someone’s style? Someone having his or her own style, and being able to pull it off fabulously! Anyone can be iconic. I think everybody has his or her own iconic features.

J: Joke 
Do you laugh a lot at jokes? 

People around me always tell me: ‘Chaeyoung, don’t laugh when it’s not funny.’ But I find it funny whenever someone makes a joke.  

Rose Blackpink
Photo: Kim Heejune

K: Kindness 
The power of kindness

Everybody has feelings, just like me, and I don’t know what kind of day he or she is having, so I always want to be kind to people—it’s something really nice we can do as a human being.

L: Lyrics 
Favourite song lyrics

‘Fear is just a part of love / And one thing I found / Is love is what you deserve’ from Briston Maroney’s Freakin’ Out On the Interstate. I heard the song somewhere and saved it right away because I loved it. I just think these lyrics are so beautiful. And the solo guitar performance right after these lyrics is incredibly good!

Rose Blackpink
Photo: Kim Heejune

M: Mum
Relationship with your mother

Sometimes I get annoyed by her nagging, but she has become my best friend over time. My mum is such a strong and awesome friend! [laugh]

N: Nature
The moment you feel close to nature

I look up to the sky often. I like to spend time in the car, looking at the sky and not think about anything. 

O: Origin
The fundamental things that make up ROSÉ

I believe it is music, because I think music is the closest way to express my heart and feelings.

P: Performance
When you get on stage…

I have so much fun on stage. Sometimes I enjoy it and sometimes, I don’t, but I think the stage is where I should be. It can be a bit exhausting when I’m on tour because of the travelling, but when I’m on stage, the fatigue disappears. It almost feels like time has come to a standstill.  

Rose Blackpink
Photo: Kim Heejune

Q: Question
What have you been most curious about lately?

‘Hmm, how do other people live? What are they going through and what are they thinking? Where are they in their lives now? Will I be thinking like that when I’m around that age?’ These are the questions I ask myself these days. 

Who is ROSÉ?

It’s so difficult! Well, I am a person who tries to live each day well. I’m an ordinary person who is determined to live a good life [smile]. 

S: Sunday
Things you do on Sundays

I don’t live by the day of the week. When I’m off, I really like to clear my mind and do nothing at all. I just do whatever I want to do spontaneously—getting up when I feel like it, ordering some food when I get hungry, or making a call and seeing my friends when I suddenly want to see them.  

T: Travel
Favourite destination

I have such good time every time I go to Hawaii. Actually, I haven’t travelled a lot, so I’m going to find my favourite travel locations from now. I want to visit Greece someday. Those white buildings look so pretty! 

Rose Blackpink
Photo: Kim Heejune

U: Uniqueness
The most unique thing to you these days?

The movie I watched recently was so unique! I don’t know if I should talk about it [giggle]. I happened to watch The Bad Batch, not knowing anything about it, including the plot. The cinematography and mise-en-scène were really creative, unique and beautiful. 

V: Voice
Tell us about ROSÉ’s voice

I believe people’s characters and personalities are reflected in their voices. I am grateful for my voice because it portrays me so well; someone who is not so special [smile]. 

W: Wave
When do you feel waves of emotions?

I used to love the night. I got really sentimental at night, but I also like the day so much these days. The warmth of the day gives me so many ideas. Something has changed; I get sleepy at night nowadays [laugh]. 

Rose Blackpink
Photo: Kim Heejune

A message of love to those who read this interview

I love you guys! [laugh]

Y: Yves Saint Laurent
What does Yves Saint Laurent mean to ROSÉ? 

I’ve done a lot of things with Saint Laurent and it’s always new and always exciting!

Z: Zzz
Things you do before going to bed

I watch programmes or series from Netflix, or movies. I have an active imagination, so if I’m not watching something, I spend a lot of time thinking about what’s going on in my mind. Also, I don’t listen to music because it makes me focus [laugh]. To help me sleep, I usually watch something light and not so serious. 

All outfits and accessories from Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello

Translated by Sienna Kim
Photographer: Kim Heejune
Editor: Lee Jinsun
Hair: Lee Seonyeong
Makeup: Lee Myungsun
Stylist: Park Minhee
Nail: Park Eunkyung
Set Stylist: Darak
Assistant: Shin Yerim

This story has been edited and condensed for clarity. It first appeared in Harper’s BAZAAR Korea.