French President Emmanuel Macron Reportedly Spent S$42,000 On Makeup In 3 Months

And none of that was for Brigitte

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All this time we’ve spent trying to emulate French beauty, looking to the country’s best bloggers, influencers and models for our inspiration — when we should have been taking grooming tips from the French president instead.

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According to The Telegraph, Emmanuel Macron reportedly spent €26,000 (about S$42,000) over three months on his personal make-up artist and all the products that he needs to look as good as he does. That works out at around S$14,000 per month to create this:

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Since entering the Elysée Palace in May, the 39-year-old president has settled two bills from a personal make-up artist called Natacha M; one for €10,000 and another for €16,000, reports The Guardian.

Political aides acknowledged that the bill was “high”, but that the make-up artist had been called in as a “matter of urgency” and pointed out that the high fees cover international travel costs. They insisted that future cosmetic bills would be “significantly reduced”.

“The sum covers various services including press conferences and foreign trips where the person concerned has to travel with him,” one Elysée official told journalists. The official admitted the bill was “high … but less than his predecessor’s”.

Indeed, Macron is not the biggest cosmetic spender in French presidential history. Macron’s predecessor, François Hollande spent around €30,000 (about S$48,900) per quarter on his make-up artist and reportedly spent S$173,000 on haircuts annually.

This news comes at a time when Macron’s political popularity is falling — perhaps a re-budgeting of his glam squad may be something that the people of France would be happy to hear.

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