Here’s What We Know About Heiress Kim Lim’s Proposal (And Fiance) So Far
Photo: Instagram/@kimlimhl

Billionaire heiress and entrepreneur Kim Lim has said yes to marriage again. This comes after her divorce from ex-husband Kho Bin Kai in July 2019, after more than three years of marriage.

In an Instagram post on Sept 30, she was hugging a man dressed in black, in what looks like an elaborate, dreamy proposal setting filled with white balloons and roses, reminding us of Kim Lim’s fancy parties.

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She wrote: “After one big big round (years) ???? finally opened my eyes BIG BIG. YES TO YOU A THOUSAND TIMES OVER AND OVER AGAIN!”

For now, the identity of her beau has not been revealed, though his currently-private Instagram account (@waleoweh) has been tagged, with his name appearing as “LL”.

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So, who’s the man?

Based on what we gather from her caption, the couple have known each other for a while now (“years”), and were likely to have been friends prior to this.

In a follow-up post hours later on Oct 1, Kim shared more about the proposal.

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Seems like her fiance pulled off a successful surprise proposal that involved intricate planning and coordination with Kim’s friend Evon Chng and work partner Rebecca Lim (@beckiebecx). The occasion was “damn drama”, according to Kim.

Meanwhile, congratulations and well wishes have poured in from many celebs, including Zoe Tay, Fann Wong, Rebecca Lim, Jayley Woo and Felicia Chin.

Kim’s mysterious fiance also chimed in with a lovey dovey comment: “Love u mostest”.

Screengrab from Instagram/@kimlimhl

Considering how Kim openly declared her “newly single” status in Aug 2021, disclosing that she had her fair share of “relationship problems” and her love life was “a little rocky” at that point, we are surprised by the quick turn of events in the last two months, leading her to say yes to someone “a thousand times over and over again”.

We hope this guy isn’t the one who gave her “relationship problems”.

Can’t wait to hear more about the proposal, the wedding, and the new man in her life. Congrats Kim!

This article originally appeared in Her World.