The year 2020 has been an awful one, to say the least. And we’re glad to usher in 2021 with renewed hope. Some of us celebrated the New Year over food and drinks, while others decided to spend some quality time with their families.

Here’s a look at how Singapore personalities such as Fann Wong, Preeti Nair, Zoe Tay, Yung Raja and Tabitha Nauser spent their festive weekend.

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1. Fann Wong

The world-renowned actress Fann Wong ushered in 2021 like many of us over food and drinks with loved ones!

2. Rebecca Lim

Singaporean actress Rebecca Lim prides herself on never resting on her laurels, so it only makes sense that she spent the festive weekend making plans for the year ahead. In an Instagram post she wrote: “Winding down the year by planning ahead 🤍💪🏻🤍”.

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3. Desmond Tan

Local heart-throb Desmond Tan spent his New Year’s weekend in a similar fashion to Rebecca Lim—working, that is. In an Instagram post, the actor wrote: “My renovation is one of the most exciting parts of 2020 for me. I can’t wait for the completion and I wish to move in asap!”. Which makes sense given that most of us have been spending a lot more time at home.

4. Preeti Nair

Preeti Nair, better known by her online moniker @preetipls, is best known for making videos on uncomfortable but necessary topics sprinkled with humour. Which is also how she ushered in 2021, with a video talking about the Top 10 Idiots of Singapore 2020. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing more from her this year.

5. Mae Tan

Like many of us who found solace in nature during this period, Singaporean content creator and Star of Netflix‘s Singapore Social Mae Tan spent her New Year’s with the sun, sand and sea.

6. Yung Raja

Singaporean actor and rapper Yung Raja ushered in 2021 doing what he does best—making music!

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7. Tabitha Nauser

On New Year’s Eve, Singapore R&B sensation Tabitha Nauser graced our television screens with a performance of her new single Vices. She was dressed in Singaporean label Dzojchen and was joined by Mediacorp artistes Ya Hui, Ye Jiayun and Herman Keh who modelled outfits designed by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts alumni Max Tan, Annie Chua and Darren Loh.

8. Zoe Tay

Veteran Singaporean actress Zoe Tay ended 2020 on a high note. She challenged herself to rock climbing for the first time, creating fun memories with her family before the school term starts in 2021.