Oscars 2017
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Behind the somber affair that is the Academy Awards, we managed to catch some candid moments of our favourite celebrities and the hilarious twitter reactions that follow. We have to admit, as much as we love the parade of fashion, the reveal of winners and the moving speeches, we live for the funny candid moments shared between stars and the hilarious tweets that come after.

Here are some that you might’ve missed out on:

1) Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel being 100% #relationshipgoals. We love Justin’s appreciation dance for Jessica’s gorgeous look that night.

2) Justin Timberlake didn’t stop there. He was creeping and photobombing all over the place and it was hilarious.

3) During the Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel brought a gaggle of unwitting normals into the Dolby Theatre—the only people in Los Angeles, apparently, who didn’t know that the Oscars were happening Sunday night. Gary and Vicki from Chicago instantly became a hit in the internet with their relatable reactions to meeting Hollywood superstars for the first.

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4) Jeremy Renner kicking back, backstage at the Oscars. Cheers to you too!

5) Jimmy Kimmel lifting Sunny Pawar Lion King style before making it rain candies, literally. It was practically magical.


6) Even better was Taraji P. Henson’s reaction to receive a candy from the sky.

6) We laughed out loud at Ellen’s “tweet of encouragement” to this year’s host, Jimmy Kimmel. #NoPressure

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7) We loved the moment Seth Rogen and Michael J. Fox arrived on stage to present an award in the famous Time Machine from Back To The Future. Futuristic, self-lacing shoes included. Ending with a song from Hamilton, what’s not to love?

8) Chrissy Teigen and John Legend giving Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake a run for their money  for the best couple at the Oscars. These two are just so adorable, we can’t even with them.



9) We had a mini Avengers reunion at the red carpet with Captain America and Hawkeye crossing paths.

10) It was a tough call deciding who was best dressed at the Oscars but we have to give it to BB8 who showed up looking fly and totally working his angles.

11) Cast of Moonlight letting the world know how it’s done, executing a perfect dab at the red carpet.

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12) One of the most relatable moments on the carpet, when Helen Lasichanh and Taraji P. Henson bumped into each other and had a moment of appreciation for one another.

13) Taraji also had the best reaction meeting Jackie Chan on the carpet. We would’ve made the same face.

14) Of course, we can’t forget the beautiful bromance moments, courtesy of Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom, Dev Patel and Andrew Garfield.


15) Jackie Chan using his time on the red carpet to raise awareness on pandas being an endangered species just warms our hearts.


16) Justin’s face of confusion is completely meme-worthy.

17) Denzel Washington proves that he is a regular Joe. Though we are certain that a shorts-wearing Denzel would still make ladies swoon.

18) Finally, the internet’s salty tweets regarding Suicide Squad winning Best Makeup had us in stitches.


By Hanan Haddad