Jennifer Lawrence
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We thought we’d heard the end of Jennifer Lawrence‘s dress “controversy,” but it seems haters are still taking issue with the stunning black V-cut Versace gown J.Law wore at her Red Sparrow press appearance in London last week.

Though Lawrence already commented on the backlash on Facebook, saying she was “extremely offended” by the “utterly ridiculous” negative comments regarding her outfit, in her recent radio interview on The Howard Stern Show, she responded to situation verbally—and this time, she added plenty of expletives.

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Jennifer Lawrence
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Never lacking confidence or candor, when the host inquired about how the now-controversial frigid photo opportunity came about, Lawrence responded saying: “I saw the cameras for the photo call, and I walked my bare ass out there for the photos; nobody took a coat from me.”

Lawrence later claimed she was simply doing her fashion due diligence by not covering up for the photos, adding that she could handle the cold temps.”It was a fabulous dress—I wasn’t going to cover it up in a f-cking coat,” the Red Sparrow star continued. “And also, I shoot in below freezing weather in record-breaking winters, I can stand outside for 90 seconds in a dress.”

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Of the Internet trolls who’ve made harsh remarks, Lawrence had some choice words.

“All these people trying to be feminist, you’re not—you’re loud, you’re annoying, you have no point—and what you also do, you make people hate a movement,” Lawrence countered, alluding to the Time’s Up initiative.

“Something like Time’s Up, the women who are running Time’s Up and who have started it, they’re actually changing legislation, they are actually really getting stuff done,” the actress added.

“And they’re not every day screaming out on the streets and on social media about it. And when these people, who have like these blogs start just being annoying as f-ck—you know me wearing a f-cking dress isn’t like not feminist, like you know that, you’re not that f-cking stupid.”

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Jennifer Lawrence
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Lawrence then brought to light the constant body image pressure she faces as a Hollywood A-lister, as she constantly getting photographed. “Do you have any idea how much weight I lose on press tours, reading comments?” Lawrence asked the host rhetorically. “I wasn’t gonna put a coat on—my arms were finally skinny!”

Show it off, Jen—let the haters eat their hearts out.

This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR US