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If you’re ever in need of sociopolitical hot takes, Julia Fox‘s TikTok is where you’ll find them.

In her latest video, the Uncut Gems star addresses what she refers to as one of her “biggest pet peeves”: the question of whether men should be expected to pay on dinner dates with women.

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Fox posted her video as a response to a user’s comment that read, “Feminism goes out the window when … you have to pay on the first date.”

Fox, a notorious feminist, was not a fan of that remark.

“When we go out on a date, you wanna feel good and you wanna feel like a man having a hot, sexy date on your arm, right?” she starts in her clip.

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“And you know what? As a woman, I’m gonna do that for you. I’m gonna take the time and put in the hours to do my hair and do my makeup and maybe even go buy a cute little outfit to look cute for you,” she continues. “And then, when the bill comes, the least you could do is pay for it. You don’t have to do all the things that we do, okay? So shut the fuck up and pay for the bill.”

Fox has become known on the social media platform for regularly sharing her candid thoughts about feminism, societal rules and narratives, dating, and more.


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In previous videos, she’s cleared up the speculation surrounding her short-lived but highly publicized relationship with Kanye West, spoken about her rules to raising her child, admitted she’s not actually interested in having a romantic relationship, and given a raw tour of her New York City apartment, which has since gone viral.

This article originally appeared in Harper’s BAZAAR US.