Kai Jennie
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Rumours around K-pop boyband EXO’s Kai and girl group Blackpink’s Jennie have been circulating for months ever since the pair was spotted on a date late November last year. The two reportedly had a long drive before settling at a park. Since then, there had been a cyclone of rumours that the two are romantically involved. Considering that EXO is one of the biggest boy bands under SM Entertainment and that Blackpink is YG Entertainment’s biggest girl band, it’s no wonder that the rumour mill has been going on overdrive on this subject.

Like star-crossed lovers from competing labels, many fans question if they can even be together. A larger percentage though are reacting positively to this news. SM Entertainment has said that Kai and Jennie had “positive feelings” for one another and YG Entertainment has confirmed this statement.

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Considering Jennie’s latest solo song has just been released, it might be a publicity stunt. However, seeing as they were going out way before that, it seems like this relationship is more genuine than it seems. What do you guys think of this new information?

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