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It’s always a cheerful occasion to chat with the ever-radiant Sandara Park, or better known as Dara by media and fans alike. When we learned that the former South Korean girl-group 2NE1 member and host of tvN Asia’s Get It Beauty was coming to Singapore to film the four-episode series of the beauty show’s travel spin-off, Get It Beauty On The Road (GIBOTR), we were thrilled to finally get in touch again for a much overdue catch-up since 2016.

The spritely Dara today is still all smiles and zest from the get-go, and dons the latest streetwear T-shirts and sneakers that only shrink her already petite figure. She also happens to still have the milkiest and dewiest skin we have ever seen on a 30-something-year-old, so if you’re as desperate as we are to find out how she still looks the way she looks, read on to see what the star has to say about being a part of the K-beauty tsunami and the possibilities of rekindling of passions for music and the stage.

Sandara Park Get It Beauty
The hosts of GIBOTR during a demonstration at Shilla Duty Free. Photo: tvN Asia

While you were here, how was it like seeing and knowing that you are part of this massive and growing influence of K-beauty has on the world right now?

I am extremely elated and thankful to see so many people being interested in and loving Korea through K-beauty, K-pop and K-food. I was glad to have the chance to both share beauty tips from Korea and learn about some local ones that I have never heard of before.

Sandara Park Get It Beauty
Dara taking a selfie at Laneige store. Photo: tvN Asia
  1. What is a current beauty trend in Korea that you think will soon make its way to the rest of the world?

The current beauty trends of Korea are actually pretty well-known and well-loved by a lot of people today. Some of my friends from overseas are constantly amazed by our numerous unique products because they are super user-friendly. There are cushion compacts that condense makeup routines, 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 multi-purpose products, makeup-removing cotton buds, cute facial masks – there are simply to many such products for me to name them all.

What are the three most important steps in your beauty regime?

Cleansing is definitely on the top of my list. It’s closely followed by applying sunscreen before makeup, and then making sure that I completely remove everything from my face at the end of the day. Using facial masks is a bonus as it helps the skin maintain a good condition, but I think the least that everyone can to do to get good skin is to have enough sleep.

Do you have a skincare product or makeup trick you swear by to get your youthful complexion?

There isn’t a particular skincare method that I subscribe to but I think it is important to always use products that fit your skin type. Using lighter makeup is always better for your skin, so I always opt for a look that uses minimal makeup, and is only accentuated by a bright-coloured blusher and lip.

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Is there a difference in the way you present yourself to audiences in South Korea and the Philippines where you grew up in?

Since people from the Philippines are mostly biracial and are mixed with either Spanish, American or Australian blood, they tend to use makeup techniques and colour tones that fit Western faces and do not fit me well. So when I learned more fitting makeup techniques after coming to Korea, I always stick to the same techniques and change it up only slightly to fit the dress code or concept of the day.

In term’s of style, how would you describe it in three words?

I would just describe it as Dara-style, because my style isn’t just not feminine nor out-rightly tomboy. When I was in 2NE1, I had to cover up my thin figure that the fashion industry likes so much because I was styled according to music that we were making. Now that I am older, I am taking into better consideration the public’s preference for a more feminine look on me, so I wear a variety of styles now, depending on the concept.

Sandara Park
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If you had to pick a single beauty or clothing brand as your all-time favourite, what would it be?

It changes with time so I can’t pick one. But I find it very amusing that I can tell exactly which year I take a photo just from looking at what clothes I wore in the picture.

Sandara Park Get It Beauty
Dara’s first meeting with the two local hosts, Chantalle and Tay Ying. Photo: tvN Asia

Lastly, what are your plans for the future? Will you continue making music or focus more on acting and modeling projects?

Right now, I am focusing on hosting, but if there comes an opportunity for me to make new music or act again, I would gladly take it. I have been taking regular acting lessons and meeting some producers in my free time, but I am still waiting for that one song that is right for me to appear. If there is one, I think I can restart my music career immediately, but as of now, I am still waiting.

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Tune in to tvN’s ‘Get It Beauty On The Road’ for more Sandara Park and beauty tips. 

Edited by Hanan Haddad