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K-Netizens and the rest of the world are shook when news of this very popular celebrity couple breaking up surfaced. South Korean actor, Lee Min Ho (known for his iconic role in the popular drama, ‘Boys Over Flowers’) and Miss A’s Suzy Bae has reportedly split after dating for almost 3 years. This news was later confirmed by their respective talent agencies, Lee Min Ho’s MYM Entertainment and Suzy’s JYP Entertainment.

The couples first got together in March 2015, though Lee Min Ho was said to have made advances at Suzy before that as he was enamoured by her appearance and personality. Suzy has declined his previous advances via mutual friends mainly due to the pressures of dating a superstar and the scrutiny that it’ll bring. Despite the rejections, Lee Min Ho persevered with his romantic advances until finally they started dating for real. To respect Suzy’s wishes and to address her initial worries, the couple kept everything extremely private. News of the two dating only leaked when paparazzi caught the stars on a date in Paris. News spread like wildfire and the couple has been in the public eye ever since. Even then, they remained very cautious and private with regards to their relationship. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a photo of the two together, let alone showing PDA.

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Lee Min Ho Suzy
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Even though they both have busy schedules, the two made it a point to meet and kept their relationship going for 3 years, which is a huge feat for Korean celebrities of their calibre. Most grow distant due to very hectic work hours and lack of privacy.

Hence, it comes as a huge shock that the couple have called it quits officially. An insider commented that, “Lee Min Ho and Suzy have recently broken up. The reasons are personal, and they have remained as good friends.” Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho’s agency, MYM Entertainment has recently released the statement, “We checked with him and he confirmed they recently broke up. The reason and timing is his private life and we cannot check that, so please understand.” Suzy’s management, JYP Entertainment simply stated in a rather nonchalant manner, “It’s true that Suzy and Lee Min Ho recently broke up.

So it’s official and a beautiful pairing has parted ways once again. Fans are speculating the real reason behind this rather sudden break-up after such a lengthy dating period. Many were rooting for the couple. However, considering how private the two stars are about their personal matters, it would be tough to know exactly what happened unless you are Lee Min Ho or Suzy. Neither of the two K-superstars have made a statement on the matter.

Stay tuned as we will continue to post updates on this story.

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