Meet Lady Gaga's Man, Michael Polansky
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Lady Gaga has a new guy in her life. After breaking off her engagement to talent agent Christian Carino and a short-lived fling with audio engineer Dan Horton, the singer is now going strong with a new beau, entrepreneur Michael Polansky.

Gaga unexpectedly went Instagram-official with her new man after Super Bowl weekend in 2020, sharing a photo of them cuddling up together in Miami just days after rumours of their romance first broke.

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So who is the man who’s stolen Gaga’s heart? Below are a few basics.

He’s the executive director of the Parker Foundation.

Polansky co-created the foundation with Sean Parker, who co-founded big tech businesses like Napster and Facebook. The organisation, which launched in 2015, supports philanthropic efforts in life sciences, global public health, civic engagements, and the arts, according to its website. He’s also on the board of the San Franciso-based Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, which sponsors research for cancer treatment.

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He’s a Harvard grad.

Polansky studied applied mathematics and computer science at Harvard University according to Page Six, which first reported the entrepreneur’s romance with Lady Gaga. Per Entertainment Tonight, which referenced Polansky’s LinkedIn profile, he graduated in 2006.

Meet Lady Gaga's Man, Michael Polansky
Polansky speaks at Variety’s Venture Capital & New Media Summit in 2012. Photo: Getty

He was first linked with Gaga around New Year’s Eve.

Polansky and the singer had apparently been together for weeks before their dalliance made news; they were even seen kissing on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, but the philanthropist wasn’t identified at the time. “They’ve been seeing other since before the holidays and she’s crazy about him,” a source told E! News.

The insider added, “They’ve been out and about in Los Angeles and spending a lot of time at her house. She’s taking him everywhere she goes and they don’t want to be [apart].”

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They showed lots of PDA in Miami.

The hype surrounding Gaga and Polansky escalated after they were seen kissing on a balcony in Miami during Super Bowl weekend. The pop star was in town for her performance on Saturday, and Polanksy was seen in the VIP section during the show with Gaga’s mother, Cynthia Germanotta, according to Page Six.

On the night of the Super Bowl itself, the couple was even spotted leaving the game at Hard Rock Stadium together. Gaga sealed the deal with her loved-up Instagram post. “We had so much fun in Miami,” she wrote.

Meet Lady Gaga's Man, Michael Polansky
Polansky and Gaga after the Super Bowl in Miami. Photo: Getty

His ex wrote an op-ed about his new relationship.

Lindsay Crouse, senior staff editor of The New York Times‘ Opinion section, penned a story about learning that Polansky, her longtime former boyfriend, was dating a Grammy-winning superstar. They dated for “all of college, and then a few years more,” she reveals. Crouse doesn’t follow Polansky on social media, but she did say he blocked her on Facebook after their breakup. She has no hard feelings for Gaga, though.

“Lady Gaga is amazing,” she writes. “Comparing yourself with her is incredibly motivational, and I recommend you try it, regardless of how you relate to who’s dating her.”

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Gaga is “really into him,” obviously.

If you couldn’t already tell from all of her loved-up Instagram selfies, Gaga is smitten. “She’s really into him!” a source told E! News weeks after news of the relationship broke. Gaga and Polansky are “are opposites of each other, which all-around is a good thing for her.” And, the source added, “He definitely cares a lot about Gaga.” No drama to see here!

Could “Stupid Love” be about him?

A week after releasing her single, “Stupid Love,” Gaga referenced the romantic (I guess?) title in a caption for a new selfie with Polansky: “I’ve got a STUPID love💕.” It’s unclear when Gaga wrote the song, or whether it really is about her new beau, but the lyrics do relay a message of finally finding the right person after a long search. The first verse goes:

You’re the one that I’ve been waiting for
Gotta quit this crying, nobody’s gonna
Heal me if I don’t open the door
Kinda hard to believe, gotta have faith in me

He’s “the love of [Gaga’s] life,” and he’s helping her with charitable projects.

While speaking to Morning Joe about mental health and wellness, the superstar briefly gushed over her beau as she discussed an exciting new project. “With Born This Way Foundation, my mother, Cynthia Germanotta, and our co-founder Maya [Enista Smith], who I love so very much—they are working with my, the love of my life on something for mental health,” Gaga said, per People. She explained that they’re working on an app called Braver, which is inspired by dialectical behavioral therapy.

Days later, during the broadcast of One World: Together at Home, a benefit broadcast for frontline workers fighting coronavirus that Gaga helped curate, the singer also gave Polansky a shout-out for helping her fundraise.

He rang in Chromatica with a dance party.

The night Gaga released her long-awaited sixth album, Polansky and the superstar celebrated the feat a dance party that also aligned with social distancing rules: It was just the two of them, indoors, wearing masks. Gaga’s new song “911” played in the background and lettered balloons spelling out the album title served as the couple’s backdrop.

Gaga loves to cook with him.

In an August 2020 Instagram post, the signer showed off a hearty pasta meal she whipped up at home and hinted that Polansky was there to enjoy it with her. “Making dinner with love🌹and some spicy Italian gravy,” Gaga wrote in the caption, and later added, “”I love connecting with my culture with someone I love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

Polansky joined Gaga in Washington, D.C., ahead of her Inauguration Day performance.

Meet Lady Gaga's Man, Michael Polansky
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Gaga’s beau joined the pop star the day before her national anthem performance at the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. For the outing, Gaga was dressed in a custom white cape dress, courtesy of Givenchy, while Polansky was low-key in all black and a baseball cap.

He and Gaga aren’t talking about marriage—yet.

Gaga and Polansky are so in love, but they’re not rushing to take their relationship to the next level. “They haven’t been talking about engagement or marriage yet,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. “Friends don’t think that will happen any time soon. She’s very busy with her career and is not thinking about long term plans right now, but she loves having him by her side.”

Still, Gaga is “very happy” with her beau, ET reports. An insider also shared that he’s “very outwardly endearing and loving and has an old-school gentleman vibe about him.”

“She’s very happy with Michael and feels grateful for his support,” a source also told People after the inauguration.

But they’re already “acting like a married couple.”

Though Gaga and Polansky “don’t seem rushed about getting engaged,” according to a source from People, “They almost act like a married couple already.”

The insider added that the two have bonded over their mutual “focus” on charity, with Polansky’s Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy and Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation.

“Michael is very sweet and supportive,” the source said. “He is hardworking as well, so he appreciates her focus. They are a great team.”

When Gaga’s dogs were stolen earlier this year, the star was busy in Rome shooting House of Gucci.”She had just arrived in Italy to film right before her dogs were stolen, and she was clearly upset for several days,” an insider said. “She would get updates from Michael,” who also “would send her videos of the dogs after he got them back.” They added, “He also sent her flowers on the set. It was all very special, and you could tell he means the world to her.”

The chemistry between the two is undeniable. “When they are together, it’s obvious that Gaga is crazy about him. She always giggles and touches him. They are very affectionate and have the best chemistry,” a source told People.

Gaga might be ready to settle down soon.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Gaga is hoping to soon settle down with Polansky, and even has starting a family on her mind.

“She has been telling her friends that she wants to get through a few projects and then focus on settling down,” a source told the outlet. “Gaga wants to have children one day and sees a future with Michael.”

The singer opened up to InStyle last year about her desire to be a mother one day. “I will say I am very excited to have kids,” Gaga told the magazine. “I look forward to being a mom. Isn’t it incredible what we can do? We can hold a human inside and grow it. Then it comes out, and it’s our job to keep it alive.”

Gaga and Polansky are “the real deal,” and he’s been her “North Star.”

After more than a year of dating, Gaga and Polansky are reportedly “the real deal.”

A source told Entertainment Tonight that the couple has a deep connection, with Polansky seeing a different side of Gaga that many others don’t. “He loves Lady Gaga, but he’s in love with Stefani,” the source said, calling Gaga by her birth name. The source added, “He loves the theatrics and her artistry, but he is very happy being out of the spotlight and letting her shine.”

The source also said that the two have been making an effort to avoid being photographed and keep their life as private as possible. Behind the scenes, Polansky has been the pop star’s rock during a difficult year, according to ET. “Michael is her North Star. He is such a grounding and guiding presence for her,” the source said.

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