Prince Harry
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After all the hype over Meghan Markle attending Pippa Middleton‘s wedding with Prince Harry, there’s finally a picture of them together. The couple was spotted sneaking into the reception in the royal’s car on Saturday night. It’s the only picture of the two—and of Markle at all—from the nuptials so far.

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Prince Harry
Photo: Darren Fletcher/ The Sun / News Syndication

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Markle was not present at the church ceremony on Saturday morning, but she did attend the reception that night. Prince Harry left the service immediately to personally pick her up in London and drive her back to the soiree in Bucklebury, which was about an hour and a half (reportedly 100 miles) each way by car.

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Due to strict seating assignments, the couple didn’t even sit together at the reception, according to The Telegraph, but at least they got to spend the night in each other’s company—in some way. Harry’s smile says it all.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US