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Many of you already know, Kim Kardashian and Jen Atkin are BFFs. Jen has been doing Kim’s long lustrous locks for years. Some might even argue that her own brand, Ouai Haircare, wouldn’t have blown up the way it did if the Kardashians weren’t such a huge proponent of their marketing. Kim, herself, just released a brand new fragrance called ‘Body’ under her brand KKW Fragrances. It was finally available for purchase on her website recently and of course, people all of the world was clamouring to get their hands on it. So much so that it sold out over the weekend.

With the huge influx of demand, there was also equal amounts of controversy surrounding the release. Diet Prada threw shade at how similar the bottle looks like to Jean Paul Gaultier‘s Classique fragrance line, which has been around since 1993.

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The similarities are uncanny, even though KKW’s ‘Body’ fragrance is an actual replica of Kim’s silhouette. On top of that, there have been some negative reviews circulating on social media. One such person was beauty blogger, @gelcream who posted her honest review on Instagram.

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Gelcream is a blogger that prides itself with no ads, no sponsored content and only honest reviews. It has a following of 61.8K, which might seem modest in this day and age. However, a vast majority of them are other prominent beauty bloggers and industry insiders, including Into The Gloss and more. After posting this review, Jen Atkin (blue ticked, so we knew it wasn’t a troll) was spotted in the sea of comments slinging some nasty insults towards gelcream.

Gel Cream
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You can only imagine how quickly the comment section blew up and transformed into a warzone, clocking over 1000 comments. Many were quick to defend Gelcream as it is her right to have an honest consumer opinion. Furthermore, calling someone a “miserable human being” for voicing out her thoughts seemed rather extreme. The comment (written in ALL CAPS) took many people by surprise as it was seen as unprofessional behaviour, coming from a brand owner like Jen. Mudslinging ensued with people calling Jen a “suck-up” to the Kardashians and are discrediting consumer feedback just because they don’t own their own brand.

Soon after the thread got nastier, #BoycottOuai started trending and beauty bloggers took to their own Instagram feed and stories to denounce their support for the haircare brand.

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Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram


Meltdown alert! But knowing how close Kim and Jen are, it’s understandable why Jen would get emotional on her best friend’s behalf. Not to worry though! The negative backlash seems to barely graze Jen. It’s business as usual for her, who is promoting her latest Ouai product and is busy styling celebrities at Cannes Film Festival. Suspiciously, not a single negative comment was spotted on her Instagram feed. Has her reputation taken a decent hit?

We doubt it. As they say, bad publicity is good publicity and Jen Atkin will most likely leave the war zone that is social media completely unscathed.