BAZAAR Spotlight: Meet PONY, The Korean Youtuber And Beauty Superstar

Not only is this makeup mogul gorgeous, her skills are unbeatable

In the third installment of our BAZAAR Spotlight series, we shine a light on another superstar you need to get your radar on, especially if you are into beauty. Introducing Park Hye-Min, or as the rest of the world knows her, PONY! With an incredible following of 3.6 million on Instagram (@ponysmakeup) and 2.5 million on her Youtube channel, she is a force to be reckoned with in the Korean beauty industry. This girl ain’t playing! At just 25-years-old, Pony didn’t just obtain a substantial amount of fame and influence, even built a beauty empire with her own makeup line called “Pony Effect”.

Needless to say, even if you are a makeup junkie or not, Pony is definitely someone you need to keep your eye on. Here are the 5 things you need to know about Pony:

1. She can transform into anyone with the power of makeup.

If you ever doubted that makeup is an artistry, Pony’s makeup tutorials will convince you easily. Her claim to fame are her “transformation” videos, where she doesn’t just do a makeup inspired by celebrities but literally changes her appearance to look like them. From K-pop idols like Hyuna to Taylor Swift, you would be amazed by her incredible skills. The before and after is pretty startling.

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2. Pony was also CL’s Makeup Artist.

Ma main GZB @ponysmakeup

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Though she isn’t her official makeup artist currently, she toured with K-pop girl group, 2NE1‘s CL for a good portion of 2015 and many fans believe that CL’s signature makeup style currently was inspired by Pony herself. CL’s cult fan following gave Pony’s popularity a major boost, though Pony was by no mean a small-fry when we was appointed as CL’s makeup artist.

3. She isn’t just a regular beauty blogger; she is a published author.


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Though Pony’s blog, first established in 2008, started the ball rolling (coupled with her passion to teach and explain different makeup techniques to the masses), she is not your average beauty blogger who churns out a random post once in a while. Pony has, in fact, published not one but four books – a guide to all things makeup related from trends to techniques. Unfortunately for us, the books are written entirely in Korean. However, beauty lovers all over the world still pick it up for all the beautiful, glossy images of the beauty looks she created and the helpful step by step visuals.

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4. Pony is a makeup mogul at the tender age of 25.

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Thanks to her huge following and makeup skills, launching a cosmetics line seems to be a natural progression for this career woman. In 2015, she launched her own cosmetics line called “Pony Effect” after the success and popularity of her makeup collaborations with global cosmetics company “Memebox”. Not only did Pony Effect launch successfully, there was an avalanche of positive reviews, with products such as her ‘Stay Fit Matte Lip’ liquid lipsticks and foundation cushions doing particularly well. All this, despite a steeper price-range compared to other Korean makeup brands.

5. Pony is a style chameleon. 

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A post shared by PONY 포니 (@ponysmakeup) on

To get Pony’s style, you have to confident and be ready to experiment. She isn’t one to shy away from colour, not just in terms of makeup, but also in terms of clothes and hair. Just last year, she was sporting pink hair and then blue-green and now she is back to brunette. Her versatility translates in her styling too. Sometimes she is innocent and demure, sporting a French feminine look with a beret and blazer. Other times, she is the epitome of an Instagram baddie, with graphic eyeliner, matte lips, camo jacket and cap. Coordinating your makeup and clothes this way really creates an entire look.

Pony also plays with hairstyles, both colour-wise and style-wise. But she is usually rocking tousled waves and the occasional half-bun or two on the reg. No matter what outfi she decides to throw on, eyeliner, lashes and a bold lip is non-negotiable!

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By Hanan Haddad 

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