Queen Elizabeth
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Despite saying that she did not want to take on any additional pets several years ago, Queen Elizabeth has adopted a new dog: a nine-year-old corgi named Whisper.

The Sun reports that Whisper previously belonged to the late Bill Fenwick, who served as Sandringham’s gamekeeper, and the Queen “fell in love” with the pup after taking him for walks when Bill passed away.

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“The Queen has always had corgis but she made the decision four years ago not to breed any more because she didn’t want to have a bad fall,” a source close to the royals told the Sun. “She was also concerned dogs might be left without an owner if anything happened to her,” the insider continued.

“But she couldn’t resist Whisper and now she has asked Bill’s family if she can keep him.”

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Queen Elizabeth
Her Majesty and her dogs greet rugby players in Buckingham Palace. Photo: Getty

The Queen was close with Bill and his wife Nancy, who passed away several years ago.

In addition to Whisper, the queen has three dogs: another corgi named Willow and two corgis (a Dachshund Corgi mix), Vulcan and Candy.

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