Regé-Jean Page Is The New Face Of Armani Code Parfum
Photo: Damon Baker for Armani Beauty

Regé-Jean Page is in a pretty nice place right now. The former Bridgerton star is keeping busy—not only by starring alongside Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, and Ana de Armas in The Gray Man, a new thriller out on July 15, but also as the new face of Armani Code Parfum.

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Perhaps most importantly, we find him at a crucial moment of his day: “I’m on cup two of coffee, so I’m doing alright,” Page tells Over said cup of coffee, Page opens up about the new fragrance (a new take on the original Armani Code, which debuted in 2004), as well as some of his favorite scents, and, yes, which of his The Gray Man costars smells the best.

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What are some of your favorite scents?

I like natural scents. I like things that evoke the outdoors and sunshine. So things like eucalyptus will always lift my mood, things like sandalwood, things that are a little bit grounding, but also still fresh and kind of like being outside—being able to be free and active.

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What smells like home to you?

Rain smells like almost all the homes [I grew up in], just in different ways. In London, rain can smell like damp commuters on the tube or on a bus, but it also smells like that sense of community you have when you’re all trying to get out of the rain when you’re recovering somewhere warm. Rain smells like sitting in front of the fire and trying to dry off. Rain smells like a hot environment like Los Angeles or [on] holiday where when it hits the soil it just kind of evaporates off the ground and smells like life. So rain smells like home.

Who is the best smelling person you know?

I feel like no matter how you answer this question, you’re gonna get in trouble. But Gosling smells amazing.

Regé-Jean Page Is The New Face Of Armani Code Parfum
Photo: Damon Baker for Armani Beauty
Regé-Jean Page Is The New Face Of Armani Code Parfum
Photo: Damon Baker for Armani Beauty

What does Armani Code Parfum smell like, to you?

What excites me about this fragrance is it’s multifaceted. I think that you have these kinds of very intense, upfront, strong notes, like the bergamot. But beneath that you have softer, more sophisticated, maybe floral tones, like the iris, which gives you a very well balanced chord of notes to play with. It means that there are different facets in the scent to discover at different times of the day on different days, which hopefully will match up with the different facets of yourself. You’re a different person yesterday than you are today and you are tomorrow, depending who you’re with. You’re a different person with the family than with the other people at work. And likewise, the scent hopefully can travel with you and grow with you. And you can discover different notes that chime with different scenarios in your life.

A personal question: How many spritzes do you do?

We’ve got a no-more-than-two-spritz rule in my house. You gotta roll with subtlety on this one. If you need more than two then you probably did something not quite right somewhere. Do less and do it well, yeah.

Armani Code Parfum will be available at on August 7th.

This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR US.